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tips on change and empowerment in Nepal

12 Things I dare you to do before you finish school or college

Dear students, I dare you to do these 12 things before you graduate (from school or college).

  1. Intern: go work for free for someone at-least 1 month every year. Practical experience is what you sorely lack in school. Interning is how you ready yourself for the world.

  2. Perform: actively in school (in theatre, arts, singing, dancing & similar). Expand your horizons, build your self-confidence sooner than later.

  3. Learn: how “finance” work (specially the power of compound interest and exponential function). Wealth ensures you have more freedom to pursue what you want in life. Learn its basics.

  4. Give: 10% of what you are given back to charity. Make this a rule. True bliss lies in sharing what you have.

  5. Travel: to a remote mountain, hilly and Terai village for at least two weeks each. To know your environment is to truly know yourself.

  6. Mentor: one junior a year. To show a path forward for one (wo)man is to build a giant path for humanity.

  7. Use: right to information (RTI) law to find how your ward officials are solving problems in your tole. To hold your local government accountable is to become yourself responsible.

  8. Build: a club that solves a collective headache you all face in school or college. Together we build courage to face the fears we dare not face alone.

  9. Fail: enough times to fill a resume / cv with failures only. Behind every success is a series of failures.

  10. Play: in a team sports (or manage them). If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together.

  11. Start: a blog (diary) about your experiences and passions. Remember, your thoughts mold you and explain yourself to you.

  12. Grit: Use grit (persistence) to never take ‘No’ for an answer. The secret to success (at least in Nepal) is not in being the first, but in out-lasting everyone else.

Do these and you will become an inspiration for Nepal! (and much beyond)
Trust me :)


12 of your inherent rights that come with responsibilities


I believe in:

  1. your right to speak up (silence kills)  along with your responsibility to know when to shut up (words can kill)

  2. your right to own anything  along with  your responsibility to take great care of all that you own.

  3. your right to your privacy along with your responsibility to be accountable to those who live around you

  4. your right to do any work along with your responsibility to bear consequences of your work.

  5. your right to keep what you reap along with your responsibility to share what you reap.

  6. your right to love anyone  along with your responsibility to love anything (environment, society) that protects you.

  7. your right to refuse to help an unjust government along with your responsibility to help install a just ‘servant’ government

  8. your right to bring life (or to die) at your will along with your responsibility to protect lives in peril or in despair

  9. your right to safeguard your life along with your responsibility to safeguard other’s lives .

  10. your right to follow your own thoughts, dreams or religion along with your responsibility to use your thoughts, will, philosophy or religion to unite…

  11. your right to live a life any way you want along with your responsibility to make a dent in the universe before you go away

  12. your right to be any nation’s citizen if you can prove your love for it along with your responsibility to keep on proving that you deserve to remain its citizen.


Every single one of our rights comes balanced with responsibilities! Are you ready to balance them? Are you ready to follow this ‘BibekSheel’ middle path?

Think about this the next time you take a step. Change begins with you.


(राजनीतिक) बिधार्थी संगठनको सट्टा के त ?


राजनीतिक बिधार्थी संगठनको ठाँउमा ‘कलेज कल्याण परिषद” राखे कसो होला ?
जसमा ‘बिधार्थी, प्रशासक, प्रध्यापक, कर्मचारी, त्यो टोलका प्रतिनिधि अनि भुतपूर्व बिधार्थीका प्रतिनिधि’ एकै ठाँउमा बसी सबैका साझा समस्याका हल गरिने छ।

राजनीतिक संघ-संगठनको सट्टा काम अनुसारको क्लब प्रणाली राखे कसो होला ? उदाहरणको लागि उद्दमशील क्लब, कृकेट क्लब, पेशा परामर्श (career counseling) क्लब, वातावरण क्लब अादि खोलेर बिधार्थीको हितमा लाग्ने।

काम नपाएर राजनीतिको नाम लिएर गुण्डागर्दी संगठन खोलेर काम छैन नेपाल । योग्यतामुखी समाज बनाउने हो भने यो चाकडी-गुण्डागर्दी प्रथा त्यागी विवेकशील उपायहरु अपनाउनु बेश साथीहरु !


Networks of Hope

Nepal needs networks of “hope” to counter the network of hopelessness that prevails in our society.

“Opportunity creating Network” We need a network of “hopeful” Nepali who want to create opportunities right here so that we can counter network of Nepali who believe that the only way to find opportunities is to leave our home, leave our city and leave our country.

“Rapid reaction Network”: We need a network of “hopeful” Nepali who stand against political corruption in institutions to counter the nexus of corrupt business, politicians and thugs who benefit from our silence.

“Career counseling Network”: We need a network of ‘successful’ Nepali who give the right career advice to counter the culture that advocates its brightest to study abroad (and tries to stop them from coming back by spreading negativity about Nepal)

“Civil society Network” We need a network of ‘hopeful’ professionals who  know they need to cross professional boundaries to solve anything. Only this unity can counter our toxic culture where we expect  for e.g, hospital problems solved only by medical practitioners ; justice problems by only lawyers or education problem by only teachers, or law/order problem solved only by the police.

“Leadership building Network”:  We need a network of ‘generous’ elders who dare to stand back and groom-mold-push youths to lead institutions to counter the syndicates of elders who only want everyone else to follow them (right till their death).

“Network of positive Networks”: Nepal needs a network of Nepali who dare to create “networks of hope” to counter this “cancer of hopelessness” that rules over us now.

And so on….

So are you part of some “network of hope” ?
Tell us. Share with us your network below.
If not, Just start one …

महंगी – तपाईँले बुझ्नै पर्ने कुरो ! – Inflation (price rise) is destroying Nepal.

अहिले नेपालमा महंगी १० % भन्दा बढिले अाक्कासिदैँछ हरेक बर्ष । यो १०% महंगी भनेको के हो त हामी साधारण नागरिकले बुझ्ने भाषामा भन्दा ?
२ गुणा =  (७० / ..% बृद्धि ) बर्ष
(माने कुनै पनि कुरा दोब्बर हुन कत्ति बर्ष लाग्छ भन्ने निकाल्नको लागि ७० लाई जति %ले बढिरहेको छ त्यसले भाग लगाउने ( सरल ! )
भनेपछि यदि हाम्रो महंगी १०% ले बढेको छ भने  २ गुणा = ७० / १० % बृद्धि हुन्छ =  ७ बर्षमा

यो भनेको हेरक ७ बर्षमा समानको भाउ समग्रमा दोब्बर हुन्छ (दुई गुणा) नेपालमा ! यानि कि…

सन २०१३ मा यदि नुनको भाउ  रु १०० थियो भने:
( ७ बर्षमा )सन २०२० मा नुनको भाउ : रु २००
( १४ बर्षमा ) सन २०२७ मा नुनको भाउ : रु ४००
( २१ बर्षमा ) सन २०३४ मा नुनको भाउ: रु ८००

भने पछि अबको २० बर्षमा सरसर्ति यस्तै गतिले जाने हो भने हाम्रो कुनै पनि समानको भा़उ ८ गुनाले बढ्छ । तयार हुनु होस्!
२० बर्षमा वाईवाईको भाउ – रु ९० (अहिले रु १५)
२० बर्षमा चामलको भाउ – रु ४०० ( अहिले रु ५० वालाको)
२० बर्षमा सागको मुठा रु ८० (अहिले रु १० को हो भने )
(यस्तै गरि पेट्रोल, पियाज, मासु, दाल वा तपाईको बच्चाको स्कुलको फिई अादि कति बढ्छ अाफै अनुमान गर्नुहोस्)

यदि अहिले देखि नै सजग रहनु भएन भने भविष्य महंगो छ है।  म विवेकशील नेपाली सँग काम गरेको एउटा कारण यस्तो समस्याको हल खोज्न हो। र मिलेर सकिन्छ पनि !

कसरी निकालियो यो तथ्याङ्क : यो भिडियो हेर्नु होस्

In Nepal Inflation (price increase) is running at above an average of 10% a year . At this rate prices will double every 7 years. (law of exponential function which says, number of years to achieve 2 times growth = 70 / …% growth ) simple!
so for 10% inflation, to achieve double price you need 70 /10 = 7 years

Which means if the price of salt now is Rs 100 per packet,
In 7 years (2020) salt price will be Rs 200
In 14 years (2027) salt price will be 400 a packet
–> In 21 years (2034) salt price will be 800 a packet
In 27 years (2041) salt price will be 1600 a packet
In 34 years (2048) salt price will Rs 3200 a packet (I will be old enough to die then )

Similarly calculate how much other prices like rice, onions or meat will increase at this rate!  (prices double every 7 years)

So you can see at the current rate of 10% inflation, in 20 years we will see 8 times increase in price!

My dear friend, either we find leaders who will lead Nepal better, or else our future is very very “expensive” !

(See video above if you don’t believe me)