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various articles of inspiration to me and possibly to a lot of Nepal. Includes a lot of positive stories from Nepal !

10 historical actions that shaped Modern era Nepal

These actions in our history have helped much to shape Nepal of today: The culture of building temples all over Nepal ( Traders and artisans of the Malla era deserve respect for innovating and then immortalizing our distinct Nepali architecture). Unification of modern state of Nepal in the 18th Century by Prithivi Narayan Shah and […]

I have a dream…

I have a dream… that one day my children, their children and their children shall all embrace this nation as their god-given home, and not some rented shack that they choose to leave when the cracks start appearing… I have a dream… that one day, my little boys and girls shall be judged by the glow in […]

हिँजो आज को ठुलो ?

हिँजो आज को ठुलो ? भ्रष्टाचार बिरुद्ध आमरण अनसनमा बस्दै गरेकी छिन् नेपाली शारदा भुषाल झा । उहाँलाई भेट्न रत्नपार्क – शान्ति बाटिका जाँ़ आजै कुनै पनि बेला। आज दिन ८। सुन्नुहोस् भ्रष्टाचार बिरुद्धको यो कविता उहाँकै शब्दमा हिँजो आज को ठुलो? ईमान्दार भन्दा बेईमान ठुलो जनता भन्दा नेता ठुलो सत्ता भन्दा भत्ता ठुलो शासन […]