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my experiences in recruiting and hiring in Nepal

How to find some-one’s strengths (talent)? कसैको प्रतिभा थाहा पाउनको लागि ५ सुत्र

To a new person, instead of asking, “what do you do?” why don’t you ask “what do you love to do?” Five Clues to finding a person’s Talent: Yearning: To find out the person’s “Yearning”, Ask, “What do you know you can do well, but haven’t yet done?” or, “If you had an entire week of your calendar open […]

Top ten challenges with human resources in Nepal

so here are lists of challenges in managing associates while running Digital Max Solutions, a Website development company and an online branding firm. 1) People take the job as a training first – execution of their responsibilities second(they are less inclined to feel responsible for their jobs). So tell them bluntly about this distinction when […]

A formula for business success:

So in summary: Best Working Environment >>> >Best Workers >>> Best Product (or Service) >>>> Best chance for sustained Profit !!! this pretty much sums it all for what i want to say for business success. btw.. if you think i missed ” the Best idea“, No i didn’t. Its good if you have an […]

so you think you are special…

so you think you are special?? here is a thought: On your next job application…., DON’T SEND RESUMES/BIO DATA WHILE APPLYING. Don’t. ((full stop there)) Instead: (As Seth godin writes and I wholly endorse it ) “How about three extraordinary letters of recommendation from people the employer knows or respects? Or a sophisticated project they […]