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Ujwal Thapa’s ideas about leadership in Nepal in business, in society and in politics.

12 of your inherent rights that come with responsibilities


I believe in:

  1. your right to speak up (silence kills)  along with your responsibility to know when to shut up (words can kill)

  2. your right to own anything  along with  your responsibility to take great care of all that you own.

  3. your right to your privacy along with your responsibility to be accountable to those who live around you

  4. your right to do any work along with your responsibility to bear consequences of your work.

  5. your right to keep what you reap along with your responsibility to share what you reap.

  6. your right to love anyone  along with your responsibility to love anything (environment, society) that protects you.

  7. your right to refuse to help an unjust government along with your responsibility to help install a just ‘servant’ government

  8. your right to bring life (or to die) at your will along with your responsibility to protect lives in peril or in despair

  9. your right to safeguard your life along with your responsibility to safeguard other’s lives .

  10. your right to follow your own thoughts, dreams or religion along with your responsibility to use your thoughts, will, philosophy or religion to unite…

  11. your right to live a life any way you want along with your responsibility to make a dent in the universe before you go away

  12. your right to be any nation’s citizen if you can prove your love for it along with your responsibility to keep on proving that you deserve to remain its citizen.


Every single one of our rights comes balanced with responsibilities! Are you ready to balance them? Are you ready to follow this ‘BibekSheel’ middle path?

Think about this the next time you take a step. Change begins with you.


नेपाली क्रिकेट टिमले नेपालका नेतालाई सिकाएका १० नेतृत्वका पाठ

नेपालका ‘नेता’हरुले हाम्रो क्रिकेट टिमबाट नेतृत्वको भरपूर पाठ सिक्नु छ! (Read in English)

नेपाली क्रिकेट टिमले हाम्रा नेतालाई के पाठ सिकाउदैँ छन् त?

  1. कसरी (सहि) ईतिहाँस रच्ने
  2. कसरी देशको महिमा बढाउने
  3. कसरी जीत-जीतको वातावरण तयार गर्ने
  4. कसरी नेपाली को तन-मन जिती राख्ने खेल जित्दा मात्र होईन हार्दा पनि
  5. कसरी मिलेरै लक्ष्य हासिँल गर्ने अाफु-अाफुबिच  जत्ति नि दुष्मनी वा महत्वकाङ्क्षा भए पनि
  6. कसरी न्यून श्रोतमा पनि अपार सफलता हाँसिल गर्ने
  7. कसरी नेतृत्व भनेको बोलेर होईन गरेर देखाउने हो
  8. कसरी योग्यतामुखी बाटो नै सफलता पाउने सर्वत्तम बाटो हो ( उनीहरु योग्यताको अाधारमा रोजिएका थिए न कि नाता, जात-भात, गुट, धन, पहुँच वा भनसुनको अाधारमा )
  9. कसरी युवा पिढि यो देशको भविष्य मात्र नभई, बर्तमान पनि हो
  10. कसरी नेपालीहरुलाई एक बनाए – ‘असम्भव’ नै सम्भव बन्न थाल्छ !

हाम्रो क्रिकेट टिमको उपलब्धि अघि म श्रद्धाले शीर झुँकाउछु!

हेर्नुहोस् कसरी हाम्रो नव-पुस्ताका नेपालीहरु हाम्रो हिरोहरुलाई स्वागत गरे बिमानस्थलमा ! जहिले पनि हामीले यस्तै सहयोग गरि राखौँ जब जब हाम्रो शीर ठाडो बनाई राख्छन् उनीहरुले!

र केहि महिना अघिको

Saying “We are doing our best” is not enough.

“It is no use saying, ‘We are doing our best.’ You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.” (Winston Churchill)

  • Past 601′s excuse for not delivering has been ” We did our best.”
  • Present 601′s excuse for not delivering (yet); We are doing our best.”
  • Nepal Electricity Commission when asked for why continuing 12 hours a day and more electricity problem; ” We are doing our best.”
  • Nepal Government on why they can’t keep their promises after they  promise in just causes like “Adhikari couple case, Maina Sunuwar case, Sita Rai case, Sharada Bhusal jha and Dr Govinda Kc case” is that ” We are doing our best.”
  • Nepal Police can’t catch criminals who live freely. The usual reply, ” We are doing our best… “
  • Why is there no Truth and Reconciliation commision? “We are doing our best”
  • Why does Tribhuwan Airport Bathroom stink ?  ”We are doing our best”.
  • Why Lazimpat-Budhanilkantha road is still not finished after 24 months ? “We are doing our best”.

“We are doing our best” is the enemy of “We did it”. It shows one’s incompetency. Be careful of one who makes this excuse.
Leadership = Character + “Competency”

 Leaders deliver ! (period)


नेतृत्व = चरित्र + योग्यता (Leadership = Character + Competency)


नेतृत्व भनेको चरित्र र योग्यता मिलेरै बन्छ
Leadership = Character + Competency

अरिजिनल फोटो : फेसबुकबाट लिईएको हो। त्यसमा ग्राफिक्स थपेको छु।
जसको हो यो यदि तपाईलाई यो ठिक लागेन भने तुरुन्तै झिक्नेछु। माफ पाँउ।



If you hang around shit long enough, you start to smell shit.

Leadership 101: “If you hang around shit long enough, you start to smell shit.”

If you are a politician (or someone trying to lead society) in today’s Nepal, let me remind you of the obvious, above.

Many politicians whine about how they are actually “good guys stuck inside a bad system”.
Give us a freaking break! Sure, you may be a good person inside, but know this, you definitely will smell shit when you are all around shit. If you want to call yourself a leader, first learn to become one.

Leaders don’t complain.
Leaders don’t make excuses.
Leaders don’t make themselves pitiable.
Leaders don’t linger around in a system that is corrupt, evil and full of despots.
Leaders step out and build an alternate system. So don’t play that “wronged child” role. Nepali citizens don’t owe you anything. Nepali citizens expect you to lead, not whine. We expect you to be bold, not hide behind the shades of grey and wait for us to forget your shortcomings once more. That’s treachery.

So if you still want to hang around shit,  you will start stinking pretty bad. So If you don’t want not, then this is the chance start afresh and find other good/wise people to build a platform, a tribe you crave. I know many politicians who are leadership worthy in existing political forces but they now stink so badly right now because they choose to hang around the filth.

Time for you to walk out of the rotten system you are clinging to, or forever be labeled as “shit”… What we smell is often the truth when it comes to leadership. So before you go to bed tonight, repeat these words;

If you smell ‘shit’, you ARE ‘shit’…