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I recommend these links that I have found interesting, provocative and worth a read.

Sharing some interesting Links May 30

Nepal unites and stands in silent solidarity once again! Join us, give a hand to change the face of Nepal. Durbar Marg, 5:30pm May 26, 2011 Together we can! आजको मौन बिरोधको भिडियो चुटकिला । Get Up, Stand Up, Fight Against Bandh Life=Risk–Motivation 10 moments that made Oprah Winfrey The Oprah Winfrey Show is ending […]

Sharing some interesting Links May 18th

Eating Healthily for $3 a Day Source: Mike Turitzin’s essays and articles Fantastic goal Lionel Messi!!! Real Madrid vs Barcelona 0-2 Source: Fantastic goal Lionel Messi Real Madrid vs Barcelona 0-2 :) GOOGLE TGIF 1999 video Source: TGIF is Google’s weekly all-staff meeting. This video was shot in December, 1999 and gives […]

Sharing some interesting Links of the past week

Life=Risk–Motivation Inspiring Video.   Thanks Kaushal Sapkota for sharing. Share if enjoyed ! Wael Ghonim: Inside the Egyptian revolution Wael Ghonim is the Google executive who helped jumpstart Egypt’s democratic revolution … with a Facebook page memorializing a victim of … “The power of the people is much stronger than the people in the power” . […]