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I recommend these links that I have found interesting, provocative and worth a read.

Sharing some interesting Links May 30

Sharing some interesting Links May 18th

  • Eating Healthily for $3 a Day
    Mike Turitzin’s essays and articles
  • Fantastic goal Lionel Messi!!! Real Madrid vs Barcelona 0-2
    Fantastic goal Lionel Messi Real Madrid vs Barcelona 0-2
  • Source:
    TGIF is Google’s weekly all-staff meeting. This video was shot in December, 1999 and gives a feel for how the meetings ran for the first year or so.
    for the nerds amongst us…
  • Funny Nepal
    Nepal is a state situated in northern part of United South of Asia,. The sub countries are India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives and Bhutan. Nepal lies at the top of all these countries on a globe. -G-R-I-M- once visited to Nepal, after the Indians did the impossible by robbing him, he wa
    your thoughts ?
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    The Known Universe takes viewers from the Himalayas through our atmosphere and the inky black of space to the afterglow of the Big Bang. Every star, planet, …
    makes me feel tiny and insignificant. Thanks Yuko Maskay :)
    or what the hell are we all fighting about ?
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    lattu hip hop
    Reminding you all, one more time that  Lattu hip hop has a hell of a style :)

Sharing some interesting Links of the past week

Inspiring Video.   Thanks Kaushal Sapkota for sharing. Share if enjoyed !

Wael Ghonim: Inside the Egyptian revolution

Wael Ghonim is the Google executive who helped jumpstart Egypt’s democratic revolution … with a Facebook page memorializing a victim of …
“The power of the people is much stronger than the people in the power” . Agree with respect to Nepal?
Kathmandu Youth Initiative

North Kathmandu Assembly @ Bashnettar, Dharmasthali. Day 1 Part 1
excellent ! do you know who these guys are ? want to meet.

Zadie Smith’s rules for writers | Books |

We asked some of the most esteemed contemporary authors for any golden rules they bring to their writing practice. Here are Zadie Smith’s  useful tips. share it if you enjoyed reading it.

How fast is the Internet at Google? Mind blowing.

For those of us who live in parts of the world where high speed Internet is still a luxury, there’s a massive amount of jealousy that happens when we see huge numbers. In a thread over …
Your thoughts? •internet speed in Kathmandu 128 kb per second vs Google’s 524,000 kb/sec.
•In Nepal, internet speed increased from 64 kb to 128 kb in 12 years. (roughly twice)
•Google moved from 64 kb to 524,000 kb in 15 years? roughly 8000 times.
• What needs to be done in Nepal for us to move faster?
Why Recessions Are Good for Freedom – By Charles Kenny

But perhaps the real champions of liberty are the oligarchs and autocrats who promised opportunity and then failed to deliver. Surely they should understand: It’s the economy, stupid.
@Nepal’s rulers: It’s the economy, stupid.

Russia’s Crime of the Century – By Jamison Firestone
If there remains any pretense that justice and rule of law exist in Moscow today, that notion should now be counted as pure fantasy. The case of Sergei Magnitsky — a senior partner at my law firm who was imprisoned, tortured, and murdered after his efforts to shed light on a massive governmental fr
left me wondering…What is Nepal’s crime of the century?

      Sharing some interesting Links