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आजको नेपाल बन्दको दिन

(June 16th को बन्द)  आज नेपाल बन्दको दिन। स्कुटरमा पुतलीसडक जाँदै थिएँ। बाटोमा हिँडिरहेका एक जना बुढा अघि रोके । “दाई जाने हो, लिफ्ट दिन्छु” । बुढा हाँस्दै भने, “म त नजाने, हिँडनै मज्जा छ”। ठिकै छ भनेर अलि अघि गए। अगाडि महिलाहरु हिँडी रहेका रहेछन्। तर सोध्ने आँट आएन। फेरि “लिफ्ट दिन्छु’ भन्दा अन्यथा सम्झि […]

12 Lessons I learnt running a company in Nepal

Here are a few lessons I learnt while running my online branding & web development firm Digital Max Solutions (DMS) in Nepal for nearly 10 years now. Some of the lessons are site specific and technology start-up specific. Enjoy! Be directly, personally responsible to the client. Otherwise chances of success in your project is low. Ensure quality yourself. […]

the disadvantages of an elite education here is something (link above) that resonates with me against the backdrop where all the brain drain that is happening in Nepal and the way smart youths are progressing towards being cookie cutter professionals rather than the entrepreneurs, innovators, creative intellectuals/professionals they could become. The writer stresses on the “disadvantages brought forth by the […]

some positive thoughts from a Hydro Power developer in Nepal.

Few weeks ago, in the “entrepreneurs for Nepal” gathering, I got to interact with a Nepali Hydro electric developer and a pioneer, Gyanendra Pradhan at a “entrepreneurs for nepal” gathering on 30th of April. He makes a good case for Hydropower development in Nepal. Here are a few stats he pulled out which was interesting. […]