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These are crazy, bold ideas and some not-so-bold ideas for bringing change to you and Nepal

How do we make Kathmandu valley the most beautiful city in the world (again)

I recently came back to Kathmandu valley after traveling to a few other towns in Nepal which included Butwal, Bhairawaha, Narayanghat, Tandi, Palpa, Syangja and Pokhara. As we entered Thankot, I had this feeling that I was entering a dusty over-sized shanty town or even a ghetto at a few instants. From my bus window, […]

Organize the unorganized. Build platforms for them. Transform Nepal !

Nepal today has  ‘syndicates’ of the so called ‘incompetent’ people, while the ‘nation builders’ amongst us are bitterly divided, isolated and looking for someone to unite us. Here is an excellent opportunity for you to organize and unite the unorganized, this huge mass of Nepali talents, “potential nation builders” ! Why? Because if you can […]

Be simply good at what you do. Meet Chandra Maharzan

Meet Chandra from I have had the pleasure to work with him closely for a lot of years and he is a classic example about doing things that you are great at and create a niche market for a small business entrepreneur. Basically here is what he does. Chandra makes beautiful website themes (designs) […]