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अलिकति सन्काहा त हुनैपर्छ

अलिकति सन्काहा त हुनैपर्छ  – अश्विनी कोइराला (कान्तिपुरको साप्ताहिकमा प्रकाशित भएको लेख)। शुद्दताको लागि केहि शब्दहरु परिवर्तन गरिएको छ। ——— अरूभन्दा फरक हुन खोज्ने मान्छेलाई समाजले सन्काहा भन्छ। यस्ता मानिसको या त धेरै आलोचक हुन्छन् या त धेरै फ्यान फलोअर। उज्वल ५५२ यस्तै सन्काहा युवामध्ये एक हुन्। स्याङ्जाको सामान्य परिवारमा जन्मिएका यी युवा छात्रवृत्तिमा बूढानीलकण्ठ स्कुलमा […]

Download this e-book full of positive success stories in Nepal

I am excited to share with you, a free e-book full of positive success stories in Nepal for you to read and download! Here is the link. This short book is full of entrepreneurs of Nepal’s thoughts and advices in the course of 2 years. We will improve this book with future versions.Here are some of […]

Is your immediate goal to earn good risk-free and a stable income? Join a non-profit sector in Nepal.

If your immediate goal is to earn good money risk-free, and a stable income in Nepal within a space of a few quick years, and you happen to be a well educated Nepali, I recommend you join the non-profit sectors (basically I include non profit donor funded Non Governmental Organizations, multi lateral agencies and the aid […]

Crisis Management Experts, newly acquired skill sets for Nepalis.

come to think about it… for an software development firm like ours, this past 6 months been quite an experience. “survived a 16 hours a day without (grid) electricity, operating an IT firm “ “made it through getting drinking water supplies from taps that open for 1 hour every 4 days” “ “everything and everybody […]