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State of foreign investment in Nepal. Plus my advice to foreign investors and entrepreneurs.

Meet Entrepreneur Kiran Joshi, Disney Animator who started an animation studio in Kathmandu

This is a summary of Last Thursdays series co-hosted by “Entrepreneurs for Nepal” platform which I co-founded. This platform networks entrepreneurs working for Nepal. For more details, go here. A lot of credit also goes to Samriddhi Foundation for transcribing it. Kiran Bhakta Joshi, the founder of Incessant Rain Animation Studios, left his job of […]

Interaction with a Swedish Investor and a Nepali media CEO

here are the transcripts of the last thursdays series of the Entrepreneurs for Nepal group in September. It is based on an interaction with a Swedish investor and a nepali CEO. Jonas Lindblom (Swedish Investor in Nepal) “The market in India is very complicated and it is difficult to do business there. There are many […]

Business idea: A Public auction place in the heart of the Kathmandu.

I always thought there was a big potential for public auctions for anything..from cars, to couches to …………… in Kathmandu/ The foreign embassies in Kathmandu hold auctions that are hugely popular and people come in huge droves to buy and bid and (have fun). i stayed on line for an hour and half to enter […]