50 children infront of 50 turned off computer screens, writing their homeworks with a pencil.

I saw a very surreal sight yesterday while visiting “arguably’ the best school in Nepal. Budhanilkantha school.

50 (must be more) students on a vast computer lab, were in front of computer screens (which were off)  and everyone were working on their homework with a Pencil.  Found it surreal.

so basically there was no electricity…(for most of the days in kathmandu) so students sit in computer labs working on the basics with a reliable learning tool: the pencil.

sorry no photos.. thought it would be rude to take them.


  1. If taking photo would be rude,won’t writing about bnks be the same?

  2. maybe it is true. will have to see if the government will deliver on that. any relief is good (to the point of begging now).

    hopefully the shortage will reduce by 6 to 8 hours (hoping desperately)

    btw your blog has technical problems.. maybe its depressed too ?

    keep on.

  3. Utsav Dai,

    It was sad to read about this. But I had imagined this situation. Afterall, what else could I expect to hear when I know that Nepalese face shortage of 16 hours daily?
    I came to know that it might be reduced drastically once Nepal imports electricity from India. How true is it?