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Plan A or Plan B

Plan A: Mind your business and stay silent. By doing so, Nepal bandhs will keep happening. Load-shedding will only increase. Foods will keep getting expensive. Youths will keep leaving the country. Your daily news will be full of political, economic, social failures. Existing political forces will win every upcoming elections. They will keep up their […]

12 words Polluted by Nepali politicians this year.

१२ नेपाली शव्दहरु यो बर्ष नेपालका राजनितिज्ञहरु र विज्ञहरुले धमिलाएका र गनाउने बनाईएकाछन्। यीनैहरुलाई पखाल्न बर्षौ लाग्ने छ। सहमति प्याकेज-डिल स्वभाद्रपूर्ण वार्ता सर्वसत्तावाद सर्वसम्मति भागवन्डा अनुसन्धान समिति प्रभु नेता लोकतन्त्र युवा