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Earthquake relief effort: Contact your district’s government officials: Phone number। स्थानीय जिल्लाका पदाधिकारीका नम्बरमा कल गरौँ

Numbers of responsible government officials in districts

काठमाडौँ उपत्यका बाहिरको भुकम्प पिडित उद्दार  नेपाल सरकारका यी सचिबहरुले नेतृत्व गर्ने छन्। यी कर्मचारीले स्थानीय निकाय, राजनीतिक दलहरु, नीजि क्षेत्र र नागरिक समाजसँग समन्वय गर्छन्।

जिल्ला —- मुल सरकारी प्रतिनिधि —- सम्पर्क
धादिंग —- शारदा प्रसाद त्रितल —- ९८४११११३२३
काभ्रे —- जीवनप्रभा लामा—- ९८४१४९१७२१
नुवाकोट—- अनुप कुमार उपाध्यय —- ९८४१०५४१८२
रसुवा—- गुनराज श्रेष्ठ —- ९८४१३५३०४५
सिन्धुपाल्चोक—- मधु प्रसाद रेग्मी —- ९८४१५५२९४३
दोलखा —- गजेन्द्र ठाकुर —- ९८४१७४३००५
रामेछाप—- विश्णु प्रसाद लम्साल —- ९८५११३२०४५
सिन्धुली —- रमेश कुमार शर्मा —- ९८५१०२९६०१
गोर्खा —- नरेन्द्र मान श्रेष्ठ —- ९८५१०५४४४०
मकवानपुर—- नर बहादुर राजवर —- ९८४१३३९२९२


We are not failing. We have already failed. Deal with it.

Lets accept this fact for Nepal.

We are not failing. We have already failed. Deal with it.

Nepal is 30th Failed state of the world according to this report here.

So how do we deal with it? And how do we move on?

Here are 3 important life-choices you will have to make to play a role in turning our country around:

Take the political path:  Want to serve your country fore-most? Take the lead and join politics. Politics is an ultimate sacrifice if you want the change you seek in Nepal now.  If your priority is saving your conscience, your family, your town and your country all in one, you will prepare yourself to lead us all out of this mess! No earlier experience required: you learn as you go. Simplify your life. Try to live a life of example. Beware, Politics is like fire. You can either make it a good servant or a bad master, all up to you. Note: Do not make politics a career. Make sure, you have an alternative livelihood which sustains your family.

Take the entrepreneurial path: Don’t shy away from your national duty to offer opportunities in Nepal. Do urge your kids to learn entrepreneurship right from mid-school. Teach them the value of prosperity, and how to create dignified opportunities by becoming an entrepreneur. Tell them how, providing opportunities for others is one of the best social service in a country like ours. Those of us, who are not entrepreneurial, please invest in those who are taking risks! You will never feel sorry.

Take the bureaucratic path: Join Nepal government and serve the people. If the bureaucrats in the government did their job, we wouldn’t need this many social organizations where many of us continue to make a career out of. Joining the bureaucracy is perhaps one of the best ways to do social service in Nepal now. And the surest way to see the change you seek in your environment.

All these paths need persistence, patience and humility. They bring the best in you and help thwart the worst in you to prevail. Continue to hone these qualities much, they will bring you that feeling of contentment one gets as s/he lives a life of purpose.

I hope you will make a clear choice to deal with our nation’s failure now… because if this country burns, we burn with it…


Plan A or Plan B

Plan A: Mind your business and stay silent.

By doing so, Nepal bandhs will keep happening. Load-shedding will only increase. Foods will keep getting expensive. Youths will keep leaving the country. Your daily news will be full of political, economic, social failures.
Existing political forces will win every upcoming elections. They will keep up their stranglehold on power and slowly bring the country into ruins. You will try to run away from the country or stay here and accept slavery to survive or for your family’s sake.

Plan B: If you can’t find an alternative, Become an alternative.

Plan B involves building or supporting alternatives. How about joining or building positive political forces of our generation that will dare to uproot these existing incompetent political forces who are holding us back. or become an entrepreneur or public servant?

I am one part of Plan B.  I am helping build a political force “BibekSheel Nepali” with many other Nepalis of our generation. I am investing my everything into this cause.  Join us in making a peaceful, prosperous Nepal.

So, my friend, it is time for you to choose in Nepal. Is it going to be Plan A or Plan B ? 

or do you have a plan C you want to share with us?

12 words Polluted by Nepali politicians this year.

१२ नेपाली शव्दहरु यो बर्ष नेपालका राजनितिज्ञहरु र विज्ञहरुले धमिलाएका र गनाउने बनाईएकाछन्। यीनैहरुलाई पखाल्न बर्षौ लाग्ने छ।

  1. सहमति
  2. प्याकेज-डिल
  3. स्वभाद्रपूर्ण
  4. वार्ता
  5. सर्वसत्तावाद
  6. सर्वसम्मति
  7. भागवन्डा
  8. अनुसन्धान समिति
  9. प्रभु
  10. नेता
  11. लोकतन्त्र
  12. युवा

7 tips on How to create successful relationships?

How to create Successful relationships:

  1. Be willing to support our purpose, values, rules and goals
  2. Speak with good purpose. If it doesn’t serve, don’t say it. No making people wrong, justifying, or defending.
  3. If you disagree or do not understand, ask clarifying questions. Don’t make the other person wrong.
  4. Make only agreements you are willing and intend to keep.
  5. If you can’t keep an agreement, communicate as soon as practical to the appropriate person. Clear any broken agreement at the first appropriate opportunity.
  6. When something is not working, first look to the system for correction, and then propose a system based solution to the person who can do something about it.
  7. Be responsible. No blaming, no defending, no justifying, and no shaming.

The above points are quoted from the book: “The Success principles”. I highly recommend you buy this book for managing your life better.