would a cafe for creatives or entrepreneurs work in kathmandu?

An idea roaming around:

would a cafe -lounge with  a chilled ambience / atmosphere which invites mostly entrepreneurs/musicians / artists /young passionate people, work as a viable business in Kathmandu ? would it have to be an inclusive place for exclusive type of people (the ones mentioned above ?)

am looking for a place that invities inspiration, passion and an escape away from the mundane and depressing atmosphere in Kathmandu now. Maybe I should open a cafe that does that. Will people come ?

will you come ?


  1. ..I want to start a Mexican Food Business in Kathmandu…Most of the Nepalese like the spicy food, so this is my no. 2 project. Right now I am working on my no.1 project…I will post later on once i am through with my homeworks. nI am on the marketing research. nI need to know the following..(capital city based only)n1. no of male and femalen2. % of age groups like 0-10:x% 11-20:y%n3. % of people leaving independentlyn4. % of people working n5. % of people doing business..n6. …nI have much more data to collect on my project…nI will be glad if someone can guide me on who or where do i go for all these data…..nThanksnNabin Maharjannn

  2. Depends on your services. If you give us student discounts, we'll definitely come. Everyone wants student discounts these days, even 60 year-olds would show student identity cards in public transportation.

    1. don't care about discounts bhai. if you are smart, you will figure out a way to come here. Its not always about having enough money to come to cafe . "be creative or help out" and this particular cafe will surely let you in :) .

  3. lot of ppl need tht kind of place for idea sharing meeting, n no. of ppl will slowly increase…

  4. I think Mr. Mahabir pun has opened Nepal Connection in Mandala street in thamel for the same purpose. I am just writing this for people who do not know as many people already knows about it. It is called Nepal Connection and it has great food and drinks.