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Ujwal Thapa’s resume (of failures)

If you want to become an entrepreneur (or a leader in your field), be ready to fail and fail often. I do hope you can take a lesson from my experiences below. I cherish the failures I have gone through. These failures have certainly made me wiser in life. I truly believe that:

“Failures connect the dots towards success.”

Here is my  résumé /cv of some of my failures  :)

resume cv of failures

Now, here is my traditional Resume. You can compare and contrast…

ujwal thapa resume of success

10 Things to Take Care of When Starting A Startup

Ten Things to Take Care of When You’re Starting A Startup- (An extract from The Zen of Startup-ing) – A Guest Post by Abinav Thakuri

Before I get into today’s subject, I want to express my ultimate goal and mission. With all the lessons I learned the hard way from my own startups, I want the other young entrepreneurs who are just getting started to not make the mistakes I made and make their lives a little bit easier. This particular article and everything I talk about in it is part of the book I’m currently writing myself called, The Zen of Startup-ing. With this book I aim to spur entrepreneurship into young people and give them an approach to help them succeed.

OK, so let’s get into it. With the internet these days, the world has gotten smaller. You can reach out to your target audience no matter where they’re located. With a good combination of hard work and a few tactics anyone could succeed online these days. But ofcourse the fact is what you are offering them has to be good. So you know who your target audience is going to be, you have a good useful product for them and you’re building it. But what do you do next because you probably don’t have a single user at this point and you don’t know how to get them to buy your product right? I’m going to show you the main points that you have to take care of below:

1) You’ve built it but they might not come your way – So you’ve built your product or you’re building it already. But you don’t have an audience of your own. Infact your target audience may not even know that your product exists.
So how do you get over this? Every niche usually has influencers. These are the people who have their own audience that is perfect for you since they’re the ones who might be interested in your product. Influencers are usually bloggers, social media big shots, web celebrities,etc. You need to find a way to reach out to them(which is usually not that hard) and establish a relationship with them. So you can ask them for help and advice and give them something back in return so that they’ll feel passionate about promoting you. For example, you can make them stake holders. Keep in mind, with the right choice a single influencer promoting your product could bring you hundreds
or thousands of buyers.

2) Make the audience feel good – How can you do that? How about a content/product offering that helps the audience relate with themselves. People will always share and like stuff that says something about who they are or who they want to be. So for example if your product is, a site that helps people learn responsive web design. Wouldn’t you want your audience to say something like, “Hey I told you guys about how important responsiveness was, now check out’s post about it and learn from them”. You can make this happen through simple blogs posts or bonus tutorials,etc. I think you get the idea.

3) Figure out who your audience really is – This is one mistake that startups usually make and we did too. Do not generalize! Don’t try to target too many people and stick with a more targeted niche. This will just make it easier for you in the long run. Larger and general niches like internet search for example almost always means lots of competition. With the big guys like Google in case of the internet search example, you’ll most likely not make it. So, stick to a more targeted niche. How about a search engine for free royalty-free illustrations? This would be very valuable for designers and they’d love to use your product. And, you will most likely not have big competition. This strategy has worked for many companies and you can probably see by now how it’s a very important point.

4) Figure out what it is that you want them to do – People always love to take actions and feel like they’re in control. If you give them something to do, you have better chances to keep them with you. To give you a better understanding, lets take an example of a web app that helps tutors build their online presence to gather online students(which means extra income for them). So in this case just a web app to help these tutors build their websites is not enough.
How about making them take steps everyday to promote their online presence? You want the tutors to promote their websites and gain students. And that’s why they’ll stick with your product and not run off to some other alternative.

5) What will your tone of voice be? – So, you’ve gathered an audience. For example, take the above tutor app example. Let’s say you’re talking and interacting with some interested tutors over at Facebook. What will your tone of voice be? In that case you can’t possibly be using slang and CAPS could be irritating to them.This is one of the smaller things that will make a big difference in the long run.

6) Design, Design and Design – Design is one of the most important things. A very good design of your online presence could mean more trust and following. It’s true that people can judge by the looks. For example, you guys must’ve seen or even use I don’t remember the guy’s name but was designed this particular talented and well known designer. Mint is a web app that does all the work of organizing and categorizing your spending for you.
To be precise, it’s an online accounting and money planning tool. One interesting feature is that users can submit their credit card details and mint will automatically track, record and place the spending inside their dashboard whenever they spend through their credit card. Let me tell you something. When launched, it attracted many users who readily tested out this particular feature. The funny thing is these early users were not worried about the security issues as they were providing valuable credit card details. And, it turned out that this particular feature was not properly secured at the time of launch as the credit card details were not stored as securely as they should’ve been. But the design was just so damn good that noone even bothered to question this matter. looked so good and professional that people just chose to trust them. So this example must have given you an understanding of just how important design is.

7) Figure out where your target audience meets your brand – It’s like a bar for example. Maybe the tutors hang out at a particular bar everyday. And your brand comes and say Hi. Your target audience could be hanging out at the top forums and communities that server your niche. Research and find out these specific places and get your brand out there. But don’t just spam about how great your product is to them and how they must buy your product the first time. Get helpful there, establish your brand as an authority, gain respect and then finally show them your product. This way they’ll be more likely to trust and buy your product.

8) Build a personality profile for your brand – This point is related to the above point no 7. So like I said, your brand walks to the tutors at the bar for example. Let’s take your brand as a person. What will your brand’s personality be like? So in this case, it’s important for you to come up with a personality profile for your brand and I suggest writing it down so you can see and remember it everyday. Think of it like the bio or about me section of your Facebook or Twitter profile. So for an example, here’s one I wrote down for the tutor app brand: “Super helpful, knowledgeable and wise tutor himself. He turned to the internet as a medium to gain students for an extra income stream and succeeded extremely well in doing it, gaining thousands of online students and earning six figures a month from this online business. He is a down to earth and passionate person who pushes you to be your best and wants to help other tutors gain the online success he has. Very faithful and trustworthy.”

Now, most of the tutors would love to be friends and are most likely to trust your brand. So you should come up with your brand’s own personality profile and show it everywhere you are present like social media, your blog, forums, etc.

9) Give your audience a voice and listen to them – People will always love to have power over what they use. Give your audience a platform to speak out their thoughts, complaints and suggestions. This platform can be as simple as the comments area in your blog, a contact form, a forum,etc. You can’t always take action on all of these inputs but you can atleast do some of them. Your audience will love it and it also gives you an insight on what improvements you could make in your product. This will be very valuable in the long run too.

10) Help your audience promote their views – Last but not the least, help your audience promote their views. For example, you can let tutors vote on the best subject every month and showcase these choices and votes somewhere on your site for everyone else to see. This makes them feel like they have a voice of their own and that you are helping them promote and share their views.This gets them more intimate with your product.

So, if all of these are done well along with some hard work and ofcourse if your product is valuable and good, I’m sure that you will definitely succeed at what you are doing. I hope this article helps you and feel free to drop me a line over at my site , if you have any questions or if you’d need my help with anything. I’m more than happy to help you!

- Abinav Thakuri

Note: This post is copyrighted by the guest author.

Reminder: Posts written by me, are always copy-right free.

How to find some-one’s strengths (talent)? कसैको प्रतिभा थाहा पाउनको लागि ५ सुत्र

To a new person, instead of asking, “what do you do?” why don’t you ask “what do you love to do?”

Five Clues to finding a person’s Talent:


To find out the person’s “Yearning”, Ask, “What do you know you can do well, but haven’t yet done?” or, “If you had an entire week of your calendar open up and couldn’t work on previous commitments, what would you spend your time doing?”


To help learn what gives others satisfaction, Ask, “What sorts of activities do you finish and think, ‘I can’t wait to do that again’?” or, “What are you doing (at work or at play) when you’re truly enjoying yourself?”

Rapid Learning:

To shed light on these pathways, consider asking about a person’s learning. “What have you done well that you didn’t need explained?” or, “What activities do you execute naturally, but struggle to break down into steps for others?”

Glimpses of Excellence

Find out their glimpses of excellence by asking, “What have other people told you you’re great at doing?” or, “In your previous experience, what were you known for doing well?”

 Total Performance Excellence

Simply ask about times when all the pieces fell together. Do this by asking, “What are you doing when time seems to disappear?”

Try these questions today while hiring or getting to know some-one !

कसैको प्रतिभा थाहा पाउनको लागि ५ सुत्र:

कुनै पनि नया मान्छेसॅग परिचय गर्दा प्राय यसरी शुरु गरिन्छ -”अनि तपाँई के गर्नु हुन्छ ? ”
तर त्यसको सट्टा यसरी प्रश्न गर्दा कसो होला  -”तपाईँ के गर्न मन पराउनु हुन्छ?”

(चाहना – उत्सुक्ता):

कसैको चाहना वा उत्सुक्ता थाहा पाउन यस्तो सोध्ने कि ? ”के कुरा जुन तपाईँले राम्ररी गर्नसक्छु भन्ने आत्मविश्वास छ जुन अहिलेसम्म गर्नु भएको छैन ?” वा ”तपाईँ सँग यो हफ्तै पुरै खाली समय छ भने कसरी त्यो समय बिताउनु हुन्छ ?”


कसैको संतोषको श्रोत थाहा पाउन यस्तो सोध्ने कि ? ”के गर्दा तपाईँ संसारलाई भुल्न सक्नुहुन्छ ?” वा “के गर्दा मनै देखि आनन्द आँउछ ?” वा “के गर्दा फेरि फेरि पनि गरौँ गरौँ लाग्छ?”

 (छिट्टै सिकिहाल्ने):

छिट्टै सिकिहाल्ने क्षमता थाहापाउन यी प्रश्न सोध्नुहोस् न।
के कुरामा छिट्टै सिकिहाल्न सक्छन् भन्ने थाहा पा़उन यस्तो सोध्ने कि ?
कुन काम कुरा चाहिँ तपाईँ टपक्क टिपी (चाँडै) हाल्नुहुन्छ ? वा
कुन कुरा चाहिँ तपाईँले चाडै टिप्नुहुन्छ जुन अरुलाई सिकाउन चाहिँ गाह्रो पर्छ ?

 सर्वकृष्टताको झलक :

सर्वकृष्टताको झलक थाहा पाउन यो सोध्नुहोस् “बिगतका अनुभवमा तपाईँलाई अरुले के कुरामा राम्रा भनेका छन् ?” वा “तपाई बिगतमा के राम्रो कुराले चिनिनु हुन्थियो?”

 सर्वकृष्ठताका पूर्ण प्रदशन:

” तपाँईलाई आफ्नो समय गएको पत्तै नभएका केहि अनुभवहरु बाडँनुहोस् न?

आजै सोध्न थालम् कसैलाई काममा लिनको लागि होस् वा कसैबारे थाहा पाउन !

Original Post in English taken from here.

All Nepali politicians should become entrepreneurs !

Yes you heard it right. All Nepali politicians should be entrepreneurs (or at least self-sustainable). Why ?

Because politics in Nepal has become a career profession. And when a “nation-service” becomes a “career profession”, the country goes down the drain. (As you might have noticed).

Yes this idea sounds controversial but It is exactly the medicine I am prescribing for Nepal. Politics should never be the full-time profession for any Nepali. A politician has to find an alternate way to sustain themselves if they want to engage in Nepal.  Politics should be simply what it is: altruistic nation service.

Why should all Nepali politicians become entrepreneurs (or at-least self-employed)?

That’s because most Nepali politicians are very corrupt.

Why are they corrupt ?

  • Because they have to take care of their family, their cadres and their party.
  • They are strictly discouraged to create an alternate source of income through entrepreneurship or other sustainable ways of income.
  • They are asked to give every minute of their time to the party.
  • They don’t know how to earn money and make a living.

Thus, they become career politicians.

So Why don’t just we pay them more salary instead of asking them to become entrepreneurs or self-employed?

Well it just won’t be enough will it! Because Jobs in Nepal will never pay enough in the long run to make politicians needs. Even if you give them one lakh a month, it won’t be enough. Learning to become an entrepreneur may actually be one of the quicker ways politicians have a chance to earn money the right way, that will go towards taking care of their big needs. And one other reason, they regain their dignity back, when they know they can make a living even when they leave politics or lose elections.

Can politicians become entrepreneurial ?

Already politicians have some of the skills of entrepreneurs. They know how to organize, how to lead a group and they know how to sell themselves (they are good salesperson of their political group, philosophy and the future), they are very persistent  and they fail often. Quite the qualities of any good entrepreneur.

What are politicians doing now?

Politicians now here in Nepal have very few entrepreneurship experience or time so they do the only thing they can do to earn money. Which is to abuse their power to take bribes, get commissions, sell passports, work with crooks, and make easy money to sustain themselves.

Why do you think so many of the 601 go abroad so often? They get easy money (भत्ता). They need this money. If they already had another money source, a legitimate one, would they resort to such crooked self-dignity hurting measures ? I think not. No one wants to be corrupt.

What are the processes of turning politicians into entrepreneurs (or self-reliant) ?

First, educate politicians and their families into becoming entrepreneurs. Make it easy for them to get mentorship, advice, opportunities. On the side, make the punishment ten times severe, if they abuse their authority to do anything illegal. Concentrate on building their skills they can use in the long-term to earn money. As they focus more on creating jobs, generating income, and less on recruiting jobless party cadres, they will not have to take bribes. They can take care of their family and cadres by the income they gain from their entrepreneurial ventures.

What if they fail ? Do remember, an entrepreneur who has failed is actually a better entrepreneur who can learn from his/her mistakes and bounce back. Even Min Bahadur Gurung of Bhatbhateni had his whole shop burnt to the ground after he started his small shop now called “Bhatbhateni super market”. And politicians like entrepreneurs fail often. So they have a natural attribute to become an entrepreneur.

How do we hold politicians accountable so that they don’t abuse their authority in their dual role as politicians-entrepreneurs ?

I know you will say, “but won’t they abuse their authority more ?”
Less incentive : Well, if they already have money coming from alternate source, there is certainly less incentive for them to greed-ier than before.

Harsher punishment: And as for abuse of their authority, making punishments harsh like these could help: “Total assets frozen” including that of their families, stripping of their right to hold public positions, and life imprisonment.

As long as there is no conflict of interest between the politician’s political job and their entrepreneurial activity this arrangement should work fine. And on top of that, politicians will regulate each other since it is political suicide for them to be seen favoring their own business while in office. So it seems the market forces of politicians will regulate the case of “conflict of interest”.

Examples of a politician who are already using this path: Nepali politician Gagan Thapa opening a meat shop. I believe this is a way for him to generate revenue to sustain his family (and of course branding).
Rajendra Khetan comes from an entrepreneurial background. As long as he has no conflicts of interest between his ‘nation service’ and ‘self-service’, he could fulfill both his duties as a politician and a political leader.

Lets rally against Politics as a profession. Lets rally to build leaders who have a sustainable way of income other than from politics.

नेपालमा उद्दमी नै किन बन्ने ? कसरी नेपालकै रुपान्तरण गर्छन् उद्धमीले ?

‘किन उद्धमी बन्ने’ भनेर सोध्नुहोला? तल पढ्नुहोस :) in English here.

उद्धमीले आफ्नो लागि मात्र होईन अरुका लागि पनि अवसरहरु सिर्जना गर्दछन्। नेपाल जस्तो बेरोजगारीको मारमा परेको देशमा उद्धमीको झन बढि खाँचो छ किनकी यहाँ अवसरहरु केहि सिमित सौभाग्यशाली व्यक्तिहरुले मात्र पाइरहेका छन् र बेरोजगारी लाजैमर्दो ४५% र बढ्दो छ।

त्यसैले होला आजकल नेपालमा एउटा रमाइलो जोक निकै चर्चामा छ – “एक जना हामी नेता बन्यौँ भने १०० रोजगारीको सत्यानाश हुन्छ तर त्यहि ब्यक्ति उद्दमी बन्यो भने १०० रोजगारीको सिर्जना हुन्छ।”

त्यसै कारणले अहिलेका युवाहरुले आफ्नो व्यक्तिगत,पेशागत एवं मनोबल विकासका साथ-साथै देश बिकासको लागी भए पनि उद्दमशिलताको बाटोलाई रोज्नु अत्यन्त जरुरी छ। उद्धमशिलताले कस्तो सम्म परिर्वतन ल्याउन सक्छ भन्ने कुरा हेर्न हामी खासै टाढा जानु पर्दैन –  छिमेकी राष्ट्र भारत र चीनमा यो प्रश्टै देख्‍न सक्छौं । एक जिम्मेवार सरकारले बढि भन्दा बढि उद्धमीको सिर्जना गर्न र उनीहरु‌लाई मद्दत पुर्‍याउन सदैव अग्रसर हुनुपर्छ र उद्धमशीलतालाई नै प्राथमिकता दिनु पर्दछ।

उद्धमीले के के कारणले नेपालको रुपान्तरण गर्छन् त ? 

• उद्धमीले नेपालका समस्याहरुको समाधान गर्छन्

आजकल नेपालमा हामीले थुप्रै समस्याहरुको चर्चा सुन्छौं। यो सुन्दा त जताततै समस्यैको पोको होला ठानिन्छ तर उद्धमीहरु यस्तै समस्यालाई नै अवसरको रुपमा हेर्छन् र यसको समाधन निकाली नेपालीको जिवन स्तर उकास्ने बाटोमा लाग्छन् जानी वा नजानी। समस्याहरुको हल गर्ने क्रममा उनीहरुले जुन सकरात्मक सोचको सिर्जना गर्छन् त्यस्‌ले देशकै अर्थतन्त्र र देशवाशीको मनोबलमा पनि अप्रत्यक्षित रुपमा सुधार हुन्छ। ।

आजकल नेपालमा प्राय समस्या समाधान गर्न हामी धेरै विदेशी सहयोग वा केन्द्रिय सरकारमा निर्भर हुन्छौँ। तर उद्धमीहरु चाहिँ समस्या समाधान गर्न न त अरुलाई नै कुर्छन् न त अर्काको मुखै ताक्छन्। उनीहरु मौकाको पूर्ण फाइदा उठाँउछन् अनि समस्यालाई दिर्घगामी रुपमा समाधान गर्दै नयाँ अवसरको बाटो तयार पार्छन् ।
हामीले यस्तो भविष्यको कल्पना गरौं जहाँ कुनै पनि समस्या देखियो भने त्यसको समाधान गर्न हरेक नेपाली झम्टिहाल्ने र त्यसबाट अवसरको सिर्जना गरि हाल्ने। यसो हुन सकेमा बल्ल हाम्रो समाज नि सन्दर शान्त, विशाल हुन्थियो होला होईन, कि कसो ?

• उद्धमीले नेपालका निम्न वर्गलाई फाईदा हुने खालका अवसर सिर्जना गर्ने छन्

उद्धमीले दिने रोजगारीले गरिवीको मारमा परेका नेपालीहरुको प्रत्यक्ष रुपमा जीवनस्तर उकास्छन्। तपाईंले दिने रोजगारी र तलबले स्थानिय अर्थतन्त्रमा सुधार ल्याउँछ – एउटा गरीव कामदार देखि उन्‌ले पालेका परिवार, एउटा तरकारी पसले देखि लिएर कृषिक, विधालय पढाउने देखि लिएर किराना पसले अनि स्थानिय गाँऊ बिकास समिति देखि लिएर टोल सफा गर्ने कामदारसम्म सबैलाई। तपाँई उद्धमी बन्नु भो भने तपाँईले तिर्ने कर र रोजगारीले स्थानिय जनस्थर उकास्न सिधा मद्दत पुर्‍याउछँ । यसको फलस्वरुप एउटा सकरात्मक रोजगारीमा आधारित वातावरण बन्छ। एउटा सानो उद्धमीको रुपमा पनि यो सकतात्मक परिवर्तनलाई निरन्तरता दिन तपाईले धेरै मद्दत पुर्याउन सक्नुहुन्छ।

• उद्धमीले नेपालमा काम गर्ने संस्कृति र वातावरण बनाउँछन्

एउटा उद्धमीको रुपमा तपाँईले शुरुमा सानै व्यवसाय खोले पनि पछि त्यहि ठुलो हुँदै गएर अरुको लागि ठुलो अवसर प्रदान गर्ने मञ्‍चको रूपमा बिस्तार हुन सक्छ। तपाँईलाई थाहा नहोला तर ठमेल आजको जस्तो चर्चित हुनुमा काठ्माण्डु गेस्ट हाउसले ठूलो भुमिका छ। त्यहि एउटा होटेल त्यहाँ खोले पछि त्यसैलाई क्रेन्दित गरेर अरु व्यापार व्यवशायहरुले खोल्दै गए अनि फस्टाउँदै गए । त्यसको फलश्‍वरुप ठमेल विश्वभर चिनिन सफल भएको छ  त्यति बेलाका एउटा सानो उद्धमी कर्ण शाक्य र उनका परिवारको देनले।

यसरी नै तपाईंले बनाएको अवसरको फल स्वरुप अरुले पनि अवसरहरु पाउँदछन्। एउटा उद्धंमीले गरेको कामको प्रेरणाले अरु उद्धमीहरु धेरै उत्पन्न हुन्छन् । उद्दमशिलताले विश्व परिवर्तन गर्न सक्छ भन्ने कुरालाई चानचुने नठान्नु है ! अमेरिका, बेलाएत, फ्रान्स, जापान, कोरिया र अब चीन र भारत सम्पन्न बन्नुमा उद्धमीको प्रमुख हात छ ।

• उद्धमीले नेपालीहरुको आत्म-सम्मान बढाउँछन्

जब हामीले आफ्नै देशमा काम गर्ने मौका पाउँछौ र यहिँको  प्राकितिक र मानव श्रोतको सदुपयोग गरेर निर्यात गर्नसक्छौँ हामी फेरि विदेशिनु पर्नेछैन। आफ्नै ठाँऊ वा देशमा काम गर्न पाउनु भन्दा ठुलो आत्मसम्मान बढाउने काम केले दिन्छ होला? आफ्नै देशमा स्वाभिमानका साथ काम गरेको देख्दा हाम्रो आफ्नै परिवार र बालबच्चाको पनि आत्म-सम्मान बढ्छ।

उद्धमीले सम्मानजनक रोजगारी सिर्जना र दक्ष जनशक्तिको उत्पादन गर्छन् । असलमा उद्दमशिलतामा कसैको शोषण गरिँदैन। यसले त बरु मानिसहरुलाई शशक्त बनाई आफ्ना व्यवसाय विस्तार गर्न पो सहयोग पुर्‍याँउछ। उद्धमी हरि भक्त सर्माले आफ्नो औषधी बनाउने कम्पनी “देउराली जनता”लाई सुपथ मुल्यमा गरिवहरुका लागि औषधि बनाएर एउटा सम्मानजनक रोजगारी र अवसर दिने ठाँऊको रुपमा चिनाएका छन् र लाखौँलाई बचाउने ठेक्का लिएर त्यहाँ कामगर्ने सबैमा गर्व बढेको छ।

• उद्धमीले नेपालका धनी र गरिब बीचको अन्तरलाई हटाउँदै जानेछन्

यो कुरा सुन्दा अचम्म लाग्छ हैन ? कारण नेपालमा थुप्रै मानिसहरु उद्धमीहरुलाई – रुढिवादी व्यापारीहरु वा निच सामन्ती मान्छे हुन् कि भनेर झुकिन्छन्। तर होईन उद्धमीहरु यी कुनै पनि।

हो अहिले सम्म पनि नेपालमा शक्ति र सम्बृद्धि केहि रुढिवादी हुनेखाने कै माझँमा मात्र सिमित रहेको छ। उनीहरुले यो धन र शक्ति कुनै खुल्ला प्रतिस्प्रदाबाट कमाएका होइनन्। कतिले त पद र शक्तिको घोर दुरुपयोग गरी आफुलाई उद्धमी भनी उल्टै साँच्चो उद्धमी बन्न चाहने बाँकी हामीहरुलाई बलपुर्वक हाम्रो हक-अधिकारबाट बन्चित गराई नाजायज धन र शक्ति कमाएका हुन् । उनीहरुले हाम्रो विकास र सिर्जनशिलतालाई दबाएका छन् र केवल आफ्नो व्याक्तिगत स्वार्थका निम्ति मात्र काम गरेकाछन्। यस्ता व्यक्तिहरु कदाचित पनि उद्धमी होइनन् र कहिल्यै हुन पनि सक्दैनन्।

अझ भन्ने हो भने उद्धमीले त उल्टै समाजका रुढिवादी हुने-खानेले बनाएका एकाधिकारिता र कितृम भिन्नताको अन्त्य गर्नेछन्। उद्धमी बन्न तपाईँ कुनै पनि जात, समूह, उमेर, हैसियतको हुन सक्नुहुनेछ, उद्धमशिलताले कनै भेदभाव चिन्दैन। भाटभटेनीका मिनबहादुर गुरुंङ बिकट “खोटांङ्ग”का गरीव परिवारका थिए तैपनि अहिले यत्रो प्रगति गर्न सके । त्यसैले म त भन्छु उद्दमशिलता नै अहिलेको यथास्थितिवादी समाजको सकारात्मक रुपान्तरण गर्ने प्रमुख शक्तिशाली उपाय पनि हो।

• उद्धमीले सकारात्मक संस्कृतिको सिर्जना गर्छन्

“हामी सक्छौ”- यो भावलाई उद्धमीले ल्याउने सम्बृद्धिले जगाउँछ हरेकमा । यहि भावले हरेक नेपालीको आत्म विश्वास बढाँउछ। यस्तो सकरात्मक सोचले “यस्तै हो”,”के गर्ने” जस्ता नकारात्मक सोच अनि अरुलाई दोष दिने कुसंस्कृतिलाई अन्त्य गर्दछ। यिनै कु-संस्कृतिले अहिले नेपालका गाँउ र शहरहरुको विकासमा निकै वाधा पुर्‍याइरहेका छन्। यहि सकरात्मक सोचले हामीलाई योग्यशिलताले चल्ने संस्कृति तिर धकेल्छ जहाँ  जुनसुकै पृष्ठभुमिबाट आएका नेपालीलाई पनि “मिहेनत गरे अवश्य पनि सपना पुरा हुनेछ” भन्ने खालको दृद विश्वास दिलाउँछ।

यदि हामी आर्थिक रुपमा समान, स्वच्छ, जवाफदेयी अनि जिम्मेबार समाजको सिर्जना गर्न चाहन्छौं भने सकरात्मक संस्कृति नेपालको लागि अपरिहार्य छ। यो हासिल गर्न एउटा उद्धमीले जति छिटो अरु कुनै पेसाका ‍मान्छेले गर्न सक्दैनन्। नेपाल इन्भेष्टमेन्ट बैंकका वर्तमान कार्यकारी अध्यक्ष पृथ्वी वहादुर पाण्डेको नेपालमा बित्तिय क्षेत्रमा सकरात्मक संस्कृति सिर्जना गर्नुमा ठूलो योगदान छ। नेपालका थुप्रै वित्तिया संस्थाका प्रमुखले उनीसँग काम गरी उहाँको कार्यशैलीलाई अनुसरण गरेर बैंकहरु राम्ररी चलाउन सफल भएका छन्।

• उद्धमीको रुपमा तपाँई हामी जो कोहि पनि सफल हुन सक्छौँ

नेपालमा आर्थिक समानता र सम्बृद्धिको लागि हामीलाई कुनै राजनितिज्ञ वा बेरोजगार युवाको होईन खाली उद्धमीको खाँचो छ जो स्वत् जातिय, आर्थिक एवं उमेर आदि भन्दा माथि उठेर काम गर्ने गर्छन्। सामान्यता यस्ता उद्धमीहरु तपाईं-हामी जो कोहि पनि हुन सक्छ। यदि तपाई यो देशमा उल्लेखनिय रुपान्तरण हेर्न चाहनुहुन्छ भने आफुले आफूलाई एक उद्धमी बनाउने कोशिश गर्नुहोस्। रुद्र पाण्डेको उदाहरण लिनुहोस् जो डि-टु-हकआई भन्ने सुचना प्रविधि उद्योगको संस्थापक पनि हुन्। उनी नेपालका दुर्गम क्षेत्रको एक सामान्य परिवारका हुन्। कडा मिहेनत र प्रशस्त सपनाका साथ हुर्केका रुद्रले डिटु-हकआइको संस्थापन गरि यसलाई विश्वमा चिनिने एक शक्तिशालि कम्पनीको रुपमा परिणत गरे। थुप्रै नेपालीहरुले उनीबाट उत्प्रेरित भई नेपाल भित्र र बाहिर उद्दमशिलताको बाटोमा प्रयास जारी राखेका छन् र हजारौँ नेपालीलाई स्वरोजगार, सीप र सकारात्मक सोच तिर धकालेका छन् ।

• अहिले सम्म कुरा गर्यौँ समाज र देशलाई के कसो फाईदा हुन्छ उद्धमी हुँदा् । अब अन्त्यमा उद्धमी भएर नेपालमा के-कस्ता ब्यक्तिगत फाइदा पनि हुन्छ त तपाईँलाई?

१) एउटा सम्मानजनक दर्जा

नेपाल बदलिएको छ। हाम्रा समकालिन धेरै नेपालीहरुले उद्धमीलाई नेतृत्वको रुपमा लिन्छन् अहिले। कसैले त तपाईंलाई मार्गदर्शक को रुपमा पनि लिनेछन् । उनीहरुले तपाईको बारेमा पढ्नेछन्, सुन्नेछन् र तपाईको पछि पनि लाग्नेछन्। आगामी पुस्तालाई तपाईले सिर्जनशील उद्धमीहरु बन्न प्रोत्साहन गर्नु हुने्छ। अनिल चित्रकार,कर्न शाक्य,अम्बिका श्रेष्ठ, मिन बहादुर गुरुङ्, आनन्द बगारिया, नकिम उद्दिन जस्ता सम्मानित उद्धमीले नेपालमा अवसरहरु सिर्जना गरेकोमा नेपालीहरु उनीहरु प्रति निकै आभारी भएका छन्। तपाँईले पनि त्यस्तै पाउनसक्नुहुनेछ।

२) एउटा आरामदायी जिन्दगी

नेपालमा उद्धमीको जीवन सहज र आरामदायी छ किन कि प्रतिस्प्रदा नै कम छ।  यहाँ अलिकत पैसा भएपछि अरु देशमा भन्दा बाच्नँ सजिलो छ।  एउटा उद्धमी हुनाले तपाँईले आफ्नो सफलताको प्रभाव र प्रतिष्ठालाई सदुपयोग गरेर अझ ठुलो काम पाउन सजिलो हुन्छ। यहाँ मान्छेले सजिलै पत्याऊँछन् र कुरा सुन्छन् उद्धमीको।

३) एउटा सन्तोषी जिन्दगी

धेरै थोरैलाई सहयोग गरेर पाएको आत्मसन्तुष्टिले अगाडि बढ्ने प्रेरणा पाउनुहुनेछ। नेपालमा तपाईंले गरेको काम को फल प्रत्यक्ष देख्‍न मज्जाले सक्नुहुन्छ। विकसित मुलुकमा सानो उद्धमीले गरेको कामको असर कम देखिन सक्छ तर हाम्रो जस्तो देशमा सानो मद्दतले पनि प्रत्यक्ष र बलियो असर देखाँउछ जसबाट तपाँई र तपाईँको परिवारमा आत्मसन्तुष्टि मिल्छ। माछा दिनु भन्दा त माछा मार्न सिकाउनु राम्रो भन्थे तर त्यो भन्दा नि राम्रो त माछा पालन व्यवसाय नै सुरु गर्नु हो नि । कि कसो?

४) आफ्नै तरिकाले बाँच्ने जिन्दगी

एउटा उद्धमीले आफ्नो जिन्दगी आफ्नै हिसाबले बाँच्न सक्छ आफ्ना अभिभावक, इष्ट मित्र आदिको भरै नपरी। आफूले चाहेको मार्गमा जीउने उपायहरु मध्ये सबैभन्दा राम्रो उपाय उद्धमशीलता नै हुनसक्छ । सारंसमा यदि उद्धमी हुनुभयो भने तपाईं एक उत्साहजनक जिवन बिताउन सक्नुहुन्छ र आफुलाई मन लागेको कुरा गर्न, मन लागेको योजनाहरुमा लगानी गर्न सक्नुहुन्छ। त्यसमाथी अरुलाई मार्गदर्शन देखाउन प्रशस्त समय र उर्जा पाईन्छ। अनि आफ्नो र आफ्नो परिवारका साथ-साथै समाज विकासको लागि पनि समय बाँकी रहनेछ।

अब बन्ने होईन त तपाँई उद्धमी ? :)