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Advise people after saying No

Wordle: whynepal advise

‘Don’t just say No. Advise them a little after you say No. That small bit of advise really helps people and as a side-effect may build relationships with them as well. Recently We had to say no, to a project that would helped a lot of people. And here is how we advised them (in an email) so that the project would succeed who-ever did it. (names changed of course).

Hello Raju, 

It was good to meet you during your Briefing process two weeks ago. Unfortunately, our firm has decided not to apply for your website project at this time because we don’t have the time and the resources to dedicate to your proposed project at this time.
As a Nepali and concerned citizens I look forward to seeing a functional website of the ‘…………. authority’ of Nepal. I realize it is extremely important to strengthen our ‘…………. authority’ to make sure we produce better leadership in Nepal. Thank you for helping such an important entity in Nepal.
We wanted to add in a few suggestions, that might help your project become a resounding success !
a) Since 75% of youths are youths and 1.4 million use Facebook, Integrate social media into your online presence. information sharing means listening in to what the Nepalis common citizens want also. This will be a powerful way to get response from youths as they love using this medium (in increasing numbers). For a start, showing presence in Facebook, twitter would help immensely :)
b) Since in the next 5 years, each of us in Nepal are going to carry a smart phone more powerful than the iPhone, and using this to look at the’…………. authority’s website, maybe think of “responsive designs” with this in mind
c) Language localization is important especially when Nepal is going to go on federal structure. Open source content management system like WordPress can easily be used to transform the site into Tharu, Maithali, Tamang dialact or …. Maybe think on that too…
d) I would in the future still suggest using  cloud systems like Google docs (or others similar to it) as a powerful system (why reinvent the wheel). International Banks have started using google on the cloud. so safety and security is their priority.
In fact, Someone from Google is coming here to meet me next week. I will ask more on the safety and reliability of the cloud. It helps us all in the future :) Google does have an initiative to help governments also.
e) I feel, having a small group (<10) of a diverse citizen user group to test functionality of the website (from the beginning stages) is as important as your institution testing it yourself. (as citizens are themselves going to be using it). User testing would help tremendously (in our experience).
f) In my experience, too many features on a single site, is a over-kill. Users would value simplicity since they usually would go to a site for one purpose only and need to find it fast there. Otherwise they would go back to google search and get it from another site. Hence defeating the site’s single most important purpose, “Help”.
Thank you, Good luck, and as a Nepali Citizen, I am always willing to help you. Feel free to ask.

In the time of darkness…

In the time of darkness and gloom in Nepal, this entrepreneur is slowly turning to poetry as an escape.

“when the way the society is functioning defies common sense, when the way we live here in kathmandu baffles even us who live in it (you who live away, will be in awe at how things work here), I have found myself in loss to express myself in logical ways, in a common sensical way.”

Business and entrepreneurship mostly assumes  a fair degree of stability as a pre-requisite (or semi-stability at worst). Here I am at a loss to explain how business run and how entrepreneurs fare in a (potentially) imploding scenario.

The only thing that makes sense to me  amidst Kathmandu’s anarchy /chaos is raw poetry. Lately been doing that more and more. Maybe it is the only place i can escape to.



would a cafe for creatives or entrepreneurs work in kathmandu?

An idea roaming around:

would a cafe -lounge with  a chilled ambience / atmosphere which invites mostly entrepreneurs/musicians / artists /young passionate people, work as a viable business in Kathmandu ? would it have to be an inclusive place for exclusive type of people (the ones mentioned above ?)

am looking for a place that invities inspiration, passion and an escape away from the mundane and depressing atmosphere in Kathmandu now. Maybe I should open a cafe that does that. Will people come ?

will you come ?

entrepreneur is a zen master in nepal ?

if you are an entrepreneur in Nepal right now, then you are also a zen master too. Yes a monk ! because amidst great upheavals you have to keep your mind in focus, calm and empty of distracting thoughts. The trials and tabulations here is hostile to even seasoned entrepreneurs.

The only entrepreneurs who will come out of the present situation in nepal un-scarred are ones with monk like traits, who can stay eternally positive, be at dead present, yet drive passionately on and on, enough to ensure there is no lax in the speed of his/her entrepreneurial effort.
Keep going bunny.. keep going…

you have what it takes to be “a Zen master entrepreneur” ?

new workplace.

My company’s new IT workplace will have to be:

mostly empty
occasionally full
most employees at home rather than in office at any given time
conversations mostly through phone, chat and skype/gtalk
decisions made miles apart from each other.
clients thousands of miles apart
solutions: same (quality, quality, quality)

solves myriad of problems (random closures, rampant hours long traffic jams, pollution ….) and invites a few :)

new age of collaboration.