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Ways to improve the environment inside your business

The government has no business doing ‘business’ in Nepal. (Nepal Telecom fiasco)

The government has no business doing ‘business’ in Nepal. I am seriously thinking of switching from ‪Nepal‬‪ ‎Telecom‬ to an alternate. In the past 10 years, they have continuously let me down, despite my emotional attachment to Nepali owned company. Here are 3 reasons for this: Quality = Pathetic (my calls get cut, diverted, engaged […]

would a cafe for creatives or entrepreneurs work in kathmandu?

An idea roaming around: would a cafe -lounge with  a chilled ambience / atmosphere which invites mostly entrepreneurs/musicians / artists /young passionate people, work as a viable business in Kathmandu ? would it have to be an inclusive place for exclusive type of people (the ones mentioned above ?) am looking for a place that […]