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frank talks about ground reality in Nepal

I have a dream…


I have a dream…

that one day my children, their children and their grandchildren
shall all embrace this nation as their god-given home
and not some rented shack we choose to leave
when the cracks start appearing …

I have a dream…

that one day, my little boys and girls shall be judged
not by the accent in their voices but by the sparkle in their eyes;
not by the surnames of their forefathers but by the aura of their deeds…
and once again, we shall all be free to accept each other
as divine blessings to complete our beautiful family.

I have a dream…

that one day, every grandmother, her daughter and her granddaughter
shall all live within a breath of each other,
weaving monuments of love to leave behind,
just like those temples and the ‘chautaris’,
the gompas and the ‘mithila’ arts of the past

I still have a dream …

that one day, leaders of our nation shall be judged
not by the herds of their followers, but by the virtue of leaders they build;
that our children shall brave this world
no longer as fearless mercenaries but as bold citizens

I have this dream

that once again, “guests will be gods”,
rivers will be holy,
villages shall be young,
and our smiles will again be for real…

And I have this final dream …

that one day far from now,
I shall walk down my lush coffee hill top gardens,
to find strangers and friends from afar,
sipping while staring at the mists below,
and each time, these wrinkled hands joyfully join in,
to salute the spirit in you,

I have a dream …

- inspired by Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream”


The seeds of terror in Boston are sown in the streets of Kathmandu…

A letter to the 1st world:

The seeds of terror in #Boston are sown in injustices on a 3rd world mess like Nepal or Chechnya or Syria… If we want to stop it, we have start taking autocracies head-on now. If our 1st world friends want to end terror on their streets, get your governments to stop smiling at 3rd world autocracies.

If the 1st world nations are serious about terror not spreading to their cities, you should start taking the sides of young men and women fighting their rulers on the streets of Kathmandu, Aleppo or Kandahar to fight for their dignity against their own rulers.

I ask, what are the governments in these countries but a syndicate of thugs? In Nepal we now have a syndicate of autocracy. Yet I see our 1st world friends recognizing and working with them while you choose to remain silent about gross injustices done to its citizens in the hopes of avoiding violence. War (violence) is an inevitable outcome of un-attended injustices. I still see you perhaps honestly but ineffectively striking at the branches of evil, rather than the roots.

Every day our young bow down to extremist ideals because they feel betrayed by the rulers of Nepal who soak them dry, continuously poke at their dignity while leaving them with no light at the end of the tunnel. On the other hand I see the brightest youths instead lured into brightly lit seminar halls where ‘talk’ is practiced instead of ‘action’, where ‘rewards’ are another trip abroad, rather than another ‘impacts’ on the country-side.

Be warned! If the silent youths are left to fend for themselves against our rulers, they will see this world together with your world, as their enemy, not their friend. Cynicism and bitterness once arises, is hard to cure. And they will do anything to weaken their enemies. “If I can’t have it, they can’t have it” attitude creeps in.

Know that along with our political rulers, you will be also be held accountable for your non-action. Remember this: for youths who have lost their dignity, violence is always a ‘just’ option. By helping the status-quo, you have sown the seeds of terror by alienating this young population from yourself.

You have a stark choice today, ” What am I going to water today ? a budding plant or an old tree that is already dead inside?”


If you have decided to water the budding plant, here are some ideas I believe in:

 We have to find and nurture those youths who are trying to bring others on to the middle path to unite this fragmented nation. They will be responsible for bring extremists from both sides towards them. Empower them in this task. Work long term with them (but rate their progress frequently).

Please repeat this in your head. In 3rd world countries, ‘Entrepreneurship is really the most effective social service’. Help our youths become entrepreneurial. Bring in your entrepreneurs to mentor our budding young entrepreneurs instead. Lets concentrate on generating prosperity now.

Identify and recognize progressive forces and movements that are pragmatists in nature, who solve problems without ideological bias, and who evolve over time, rather than those who get stuck in their box of ideologies.

Support those who take up ‘Issue-based-politics’, where they run for political office to rectify issues. Show hope to youths here that politicians can exist without making politics a career like how many in the 1st world countries have done successfully…

Do you have any ideas on how to bridge the gap ? Share it with us!

Unity within diversity: Our Nepal

हाम्रो नेपाल -विविधततामा एकता यस्तै छ: सबै आफुमा मिठो छौँ तर मिले झनै मिठो !
तर नमिले चाहिँ तो खाली कप जस्तो है कि कसो? :)

सत्य यहि हो यो देश र देशवाशीको ।

Our Nepal – Unity within diversity : Yes we are all delicious alone: but much more delicious together :) Yet if we fight, we are like that empty cup isolated out there  (towards the top of the picture) !

The Nepal Advantage: 11 reasons to invest in Nepal

Why Invest in Nepal ? Here are 11 fresh reasons:
  1. We have the best location – The China India proximity
  2. We are connected to the world
  3. Time zone advantage for US and European companies
  4. Cost advantage for global companies
  5. Coming out of a period of political uncertainty
  6. Success stories – Lack of global companies competing so whoever enters will win
  7. High quality talent pool (coupled with lack of global firms here)
  8. Strong education system generating great young talent
  9. Great weather, friendly people and breathtaking terrain
  10. A young and rapidly urbanizing population (fastest in South Asia)
  11. Many growth areas exist in Nepal
Please download and read this full document pdf . It is filled with common-sense rationales and specific examples. It is quick to download and written by Prasanna Dhungel and me.
• Do read it and give us ideas to improve it for next version.
• Feel free to distribute it where-ever you want. Show it to any foreign investor friend who wants to know more.Here is the short link to remember and share:

short link to remember :

Thank you !
Ujwal & Prasanna

30 predictions for Nepal by 2030

नेपालीमा पढ्नुहोला

I often get asked what will happen to Nepal in the future ? What’s in the future of Nepal? I typically answer, “How the hell should I know?” or smile back “Good’ or plain ‘Okay”. But there are certain gut feelings I have about what Nepal would end up in the not so far future.

So here are my 30 predictions on the state of Nepal at 2030 (roughly 20  15 years from now).

  1.  All the politicians you hate /despise /curse (click here for a small list) WILL be replaced by one of you passionate ones who have NOT yet joined any political parties or started any.
  2. The top 10 businesses in Nepal will be the ones that haven’t even started yet!
  3. More people will leave Kathmandu than enter it.
  4. Majority of visitors to Nepal will be for religious reasons.
  5. Nepal’s biggest export will be water. International stock markets will trade Nepal’s Water in some form on  (Just like Oil is now)
  6. Nepal Police will only fire less than 850 bullets in the entire year.
  7. 1 out of 4 Nepalis will hold dual citizenship.
  8. Nepal will host Cricket’s ICC World Cup. Will they win? I hope so.
  9. Land prices will be higher in the hills than in the plains or the valleys.
  10. No visa required to travel between Nepal, India and China. (Think Europe today)
  11. Nepal, India, China and possibly couple other neighbors will share a single currency. Buddha will be on one of these notes.
  12. Inter-national marriages will be common. “Within your caste ” marriages will be rare. And Nepalis will marry more Chinese than Westerners.
  13. Watching Soap Opera Serials as a favorite past-time will be long replaced by socializing on massive multi-player online role-playing games (MMORPG). No one will “watch” television anymore.
  14. A Trans-gender will be among the top decision makers for Nepal’s society and culture.
  15. A warrior code called “वीर चक्र” based on a set of life rules focused on integrity, chivalry, responsibility and derived from Buddhism & Hinduism will be how a powerful minority of Nepalis and foreigners world-wide live by.
  16. Poets, Bloggers and Artists will be headline makers.
  17. Every Nepali will be online 24 hours a day through a smart device(in the form of eye lens) that is 100 times more powerful than the iPhone. It never runs out of battery.
  18. Mass media like Kantipur, Nagarik, Himal and Himalayan Times will have been long replaced by customized news delivered to your device aggregated from people you respect and subscribe to.
  19. Nepal will have an adult interactive video industry.
  20. Nepali citizenship will also be gotten based on “deserving” basis not just by being born here.
  21. Nepal will  beg for less aid and send more aid by primarily donating “water”.
  22. Nepal will be known more for 1000’s of its beautiful man-made lakes (water reservoirs) than for its big mountains.
  23. Issues like Women’s rights will no longer be an issue in Nepal. The struggle would be on the right to be offline or rights of other living organisms.
  24. A small vocal group of xenophobic nationalists who call themselves pure-bred, will arise targeting ‘non-pure’ Nepalis in Nepal.
  25. History will write Nepal’s decade of 2003-2012 as ‘the lost decade’,  decade of 2013-2022 as “the leap-frogging decade” and decade of 2023-2032 as “the enlightened decade.”
  26. The rich will get richer, the poor will get also get richer at a faster scale. But the gap between them will remain significant.
  27. Nepal government will enforce timed occasional “Bandh” to improve a Nepali’s ‘family’ life which has suffered because of workaholic culture.
  28. Most Nepali homes will run primarily on solar energy.
  29. Nepal will have a net population loss. (fewer people born than dead)
  30. In 2030, Nepalis will proclaim me as the “new Nostradamus” but of course I will refuse any such comparisons and sue you all for defaming me :P

So which ones are your favorite?
How about you add your own predictions for Nepal by 2030 below! (lets see what you got.  It’s time to think outrageous !!! )