Am I Superman ? Answering a cynic

Cynics are fault-finders (in my definition), who assume each of us have to become Superhuman, right from our first try, and who should never try unless we are 100% of our success. Cynicism as I have defined, is one of the worst traits you can possibly carry in  yourself.

I ask any cynic who criticizes ordinary citizens trying to bring positive change, the following questions –

Are we Supermen / Superwomen?

Did you hire us to do this job?

Are we allowed to take rest or simply have to work non-stop like a machine?

Will you demand punishment for us, if we fail ?

Will you point only our faults or also successes as well?

And, what are YOU doing about solving the same problem?

Cynics seem to imply that an ordinary person who wants to give some of their energies at organizing or campaigning on social change events, has to generate the magical power to transform into super-humans, and can keep this stamina for-ever and solve problems for the rest of humanity right NOW.

In respect to social movements, cynics among us or within each of us, will criticize and find faults in anyone who won’t commit 24/7 to lead campaigns or movements or social changes. They are also harsh on any who try and fail.

They fail to realize that change only comes after patiently running a marathon, not after a quick hundred meter sprint.. A marathon is such that we rest a lot, we pace a lot and we fail a lot. But when we become cynics, we start to believe that we have to punch a one-stop magical solutions like how Superman or Superwoman does in comics. It is best we control our own cynicism as well.

Here are some ways to do this.

  • Instead of criticizing, go help some-one. Stop the urge to slight your predecessors who have failed. Focus on celebrating their small successes.
  •  Lets not become a cry-baby when some-one gets tired in their efforts and takes a rest. Thank them. Remember we are all humans, we get passionate,and eventually get tired too. Pursuing change is a lot of up and down roller-coasting.
  • Failure is okay. Cherish it. Poking at change-makers for their failures will not win you anything. You will just disgrace yourself, your friends, and your purpose here. Make an effort to thank anyone’s efforts even if it failed miserably in creating the change. Most of our efforts fail to reach the end-line but helps us and others learn to take one more step closer towards success.

Evil triumphs because we let our cynicism dictate our actions.

p.s I am not Superman. Simply an ordinary man who wants to live in a better world.




  1. I am talking from the point of fault-finders, which I find many around me. If it helps, do understand that i am trying to address the “fault-finders”.

  2. Calling cynics “faultfinders” is same as calling patriots “Rajabadi.” Cynics are for individual freedom and are against government’s attempt to restrict it. So the people in power like to level cynics as fault-finders, an attempt to weaken their critics. Maybe that’s the reason you might have thought that cynic and fault-finder are synonyms, which is not true. We may be saying the same thing but you must have misunderstood cynicism. 

  3. Seems like you are defining cynics in the opposite way I am defining. My definition of cynics is simply they are fault-finders.
    On contrary, I also like you believe in the power of government to be restricted in order to empower individuals. In a way, we might actually be saying the same thing.

  4. I have to disagree with you on this. Cynicism is just another viewpoint, just another way to look at this world. It is a belief system that is comparable to democratic, socialism, communism etc. Cynics believe in individual freedom and power. They believe that power of the government should be restricted in order to empower individuals. I am a cynic but not the type you described. You can not demand that I should die for a country or i should restrict my rights for someone else’s (or even my own) freedom. I can choose to do so, but if I choose not to, no one can blame me. No one owns me and have no rights over me. That is cynicism for me. Of course there are other types of cynics but your generational is very misleading.