5 responsible young Nepalis to look out for

Here are some young Nepalis  I met in the past year ( I hardly get to meet many old Nepalis these days, surprisingly). I have been impressed by their persistent actions in raising the standard of Nepali society (however small they might seem).

Here are 5 young Nepalis look out for in the near future.

  1. Juju Kaji Shrestha of HeartBeat ( Rehabilitating street children inspite of constant danger working with drug addicted, mentally challenged and angry youths)
  2. Claire Naylor of Women Lead Nepal (she may not be a Nepali but is at heart 😀 and is building leadership in one small group of high school girls at a time)
  3. Saroj Karki of Youth for Blood (building nationwide blood database and helping save one Nepali ata time through blood donations)
  4. Rekha Nepali of MJ Fan Club (helping when, where, how ever she can)
  5. Ratnesh Shashi (Running around finding help to help 5000 and more Siraha Fire Victims)

— Know more ? Please post their names /contact below. So that I can get to know them as well ! Thank you!