When you die, what will they write about you?


“Today we mourn the loss of a true patriot. For some she was a troubled soul, too hot to handle. But to the rest of us, she was one hell of a provoking soul, coaxing us to serve humanity, and in the process finding our purpose in life. Never in a short time I believe, has one tried this obstinately hard to push the environment around him to the limits. If he lived long enough, I have no doubt she would have dared to rise to touch the stars.

Today we bid adieu to a champion whose light sparked many others.  Like an experienced diamond cutter, you molded flawed souls to shine like perfectly cut diamonds, moving on to polish more and more souls!

Today a maverick leaves us, provoking even after death.  When critics said “be practical”, you laughed hysterically. When others said,”this is impossible”, you smiled mockingly. When we said, “this is enough”, you muttered, “only after death”.

Today we say goodbye to a big question mark. You have left us continuously questioning our purpose here in this world. And you have won over us, while you lost your breath.

Today your voice leaves us, but rings aloud in our hearts. You murmur through the seeds of change you have sown in souls here and many more beyond. When? how? why? this, we may never knew. But because of you, we are ourselves provokers, persistent soul warmers, harbingers of positive change in our mother land and the lands beyond.

This day, my dear friend, rest finally in peace; for heaven rejoices today. this world rejoices today and even, death rejoices today. We have all become you today.

A note to readers: When you die, wouldn’t you also want something similar said about you?

(Maybe it is time to live your own life)

(This obituary was originally written in remembrance of Steve Jobs when he died.)

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