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Few good things happening in Nepal

Lately amid all the gloom and pessimism, haven’t been thinking of much of good things happening in Kathmandu (not Nepal, just Kathmandu) I have absolutely no idea how people’s life is faring in the rest of the country since very rarely the media, the politicians , you or me  care about them : I admit my […]

positive news media

Is there a niche market for “positive” media in Nepal? In Nepal, every news (newspaper, online, TV, radio and other media) veers towards negative. Scan the newspapers, turn on your television. You will get plenty of proof. Why? Believe me when I say, it is not because there are not positive stories, personalities or work […]

Republic ? Nepal ? Gross National Happiness ?

Today Nepal becomes a Republic (or rather starts on its track.). My main question is whether as a republic, we will have finally improve our Gross National Happiness, GNH ( and not our GDP, no not that our material wealth progress indicator.). i.e material and mathematical analysis of GDP are just a small yet important […]