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Looking for bridge-builders

Are we in dire need of “bridge builders” in Nepal? A Bridge builder builds and safe-guards a bridge across to connect Nepal to the “nation builders”. They are individuals who plunge, who risk in difficult times like now, to become a bridge between “the coming era of nation builders” and the fading era of nation destroyers. […]

little ways YOU can help change the political landscape in Nepal

We always complain about the need for political change in Nepal. I agree 1oo% with you. But If you are expecting some one to magically overthrow the corrupt ones, and re-build the political systems in the right path, I would argue that this is almost impossible right now. So  how do we contribute to a […]

Common sense questions for Nepal’s rulers

Dear Rulers You have been ruling us for some time now, some of you, for 5 or 10 or 15 or even 20 years now.So we want you to answer a few questions below. Why are 601 constituent lawmakers needed when at the end only 3 or 4 politicians decide everything for them? Why do […]

when looters become rulers

Here is a movie theme. Begins like this: डाकुहरु (looters) take turns looting and pillaging a village. The village is sucked high and dry repeatedly. Then a scuffle breaks out among the looters over who gets to loot and pillage the village this season! The villagers are on their knees, begging for survival. The looters just […]