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Responsible Citizens + Accountable Leaders = Prosperous Nation

Responsible Citizens + Accountable leaders = Prosperous Nation Responsible Citizens = Citizens who feel it is their own responsibility to change their neighborhood and their environment. The more fortunate ones have the moral duty to lead this change. Responsible citizens change themselves first. Then they change their neighbors. They create and support a system that […]

Global Nepali Citizenship

I propose issuing a special citizenship to Non-nepali citizenship holders who qualify.Lets call it for example, Global Nepali citizenship. Who gets it? Let Global Nepali Citizenship be a citizenship that goes to ones who work for it. Be that  time and responsibility dependent but with full rights in Nepal. No rights without responsibilities. let it be a set of criteria […]

Looking for bridge-builders

Are we in dire need of “bridge builders” in Nepal? A Bridge builder builds and safe-guards a bridge across to connect Nepal to the “nation builders”. They are individuals who plunge, who risk in difficult times like now, to become a bridge between “the coming era of nation builders” and the fading era of nation destroyers. […]

little ways YOU can help change the political landscape in Nepal

We always complain about the need for political change in Nepal. I agree 1oo% with you. But If you are expecting some one to magically overthrow the corrupt ones, and re-build the political systems in the right path, I would argue that this is almost impossible right now. So  how do we contribute to a […]

Common sense questions for Nepal’s rulers

Dear Rulers You have been ruling us for some time now, some of you, for 5 or 10 or 15 or even 20 years now.So we want you to answer a few questions below. Why are 601 constituent lawmakers needed when at the end only 3 or 4 politicians decide everything for them? Why do […]