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Be simply good at what you do. Meet Chandra Maharzan

Meet Chandra from Wpshoppe.com I have had the pleasure to work with him closely for a lot of years and he is a classic example about doing things that you are great at and create a niche market for a small business entrepreneur. Basically here is what he does. Chandra makes beautiful website themes (designs) […]

what if, a million job creation was the election mantra of a new common sense party in Nepal

A couple of What ifs: a) What if some dynamic young leaders of different political parties decided to come together and start fresh and make a new party (the way kadima was formed in Israel). b) What if they then, brought all the young social entrepreneurs and economic advisors into their core political team and […]

10 tips to know while starting your own business

We (as part of the Entrepreneurs for Nepal group) have compiled a series of tips and lessons about starting your business, which is taken from established Nepal based entrepreneurs speaking at the Entrepreneurs for Nepal forum. Here are first in hopefully what will be a series. (downloadable pdf version at the end of the article) […]