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How do we serve our very own 5 Billion dollar investors in Nepal?

 यो लेख नेपालीमा पढ्नुहोला

We get  more than 5 billion US dollars (was 3.5 billion dollars in 2011) from remittance. Compare this with only US $500 million or so of investment from foreigners. Yet we treat this noble group like third class humans.  

“A Nepali returns from Arab for a month to finally meet his family after two long years, He arrives at our Tribhuvan International Airport at night, where he is first put on a long line of Nepali, interrogated by officials. The customs officer scans through his bags like a vulture looking for an excuse to exhort on the gifts bought for his family. Mentally drained, he finally comes out. The taxis outside are waiting for him. They demand, “Give us Rs 1500 to go to Gongabu (bus station).” This is more than what he spends on the

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Few good things happening in Nepal

Lately amid all the gloom and pessimism, haven’t been thinking of much of good things happening in Kathmandu (not Nepal, just Kathmandu)

I have absolutely no idea how people’s life is faring in the rest of the country since very rarely the media, the politicians , you or me  care about them : I admit my guilt here).

so here is a positive thing that i am seeing from up-close (and contributing in some of them).

1) “West Seti Hydro is still trying to build a 750 MW hydro-electric project in the remotest part of Nepal (shunned by rest of Nepal) despite the shit that are being thrown at them by greedy politicians, desperate locals, zealot NGO’s and depressed bureaucracy and “not many qualified manpower left now”. Its been nearly what 12 years now they are trying despite all odds.

2) “Entrepreneurs for Nepal” a young group of entrepreneurs, most of them returnees from USA have been meeting every month to help other

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Entrepreneurs for Nepal ideas

here is something I posted on the Facebook group page of ” Entrepreneurs for Nepal” some time ago, and elaborated since here:

Random ideas that will jump-start our economic revolution. Some Immediate steps.

  • Have to recruit younger technocrats and remove the old ones from the National planning commission and finance and related ministries.
  • Set up YEL = Youth Entrepreneur’s league (new body with powerful access to private and state banks).
  • Zero % tax on hydro power Generation and tourism. (Logic: mass employment generation)
  • Information Technology Communication and related Licenses at no costs. (Talent generation and utilization)
  • Nepal = Zero Tax center for foreign investments for 10 years. (inward investment flow and job creation)
  • BOOT model (build own operate transfer in infrastructure development and creating jobs more than 100 people).
  • 10% flat tax on all things else ( ALL THINGS). This encourages tax payment which overwhelming majority of people /companies in the country strive to avoid, right now).
  • Permanent residence (or Nepal Citizenship, if you have

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