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How do we serve our very own 5 Billion dollar investors in Nepal?

We get  more than 5 billion US dollars (was 3.5 billion dollars in 2011) from remittance. Compare this with only US $500 million or so of investment from foreigners. Yet we treat this noble group like third class humans.   यहि लेख नेपालीमा पढ्नुहोस “A Nepali returns from Arab for a month to finally meet his family after […]

Few good things happening in Nepal

Lately amid all the gloom and pessimism, haven’t been thinking of much of good things happening in Kathmandu (not Nepal, just Kathmandu) I have absolutely no idea how people’s life is faring in the rest of the country since very rarely the media, the politicians , you or me  care about them : I admit my […]

Entrepreneurs for Nepal ideas

here is something I posted on the Facebook group page of ” Entrepreneurs for Nepal” some time ago, and elaborated since here: Random ideas that will jump-start our economic revolution. Some Immediate steps. Have to recruit younger technocrats and remove the old ones from the National planning commission and finance and related ministries. Set up YEL = […]