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The business cost of avoiding confrontation

The business cost of avoiding confrontation in Nepal A friend from the US living part-time and doing business in Nepal expressed frustration over our (Nepali) strong cultural desire to avoid confrontation in a professional relationship. Specifically, the steep business cost of this in-action. We discussed for some reasons behind this. The graciousness of Nepalis is […]

tips from Karna Sakya, a locally established entrepreneur and author.

During a recent interaction with entrepreneurs for nepal group which i established and co-run, got some good tips from Karna Sakya of Kathmandu Guest house fame. Here are a few. Experience is critical for an entrepreneur, more than the academic qualification as its it’s the experience that teaches you better on how to manage time, […]

few ideas for kathmandu’s guerilla entrepreneurs…

Pain is Opportunity. This is how we entrepreneurs see things. We just look around, see where certain situations are causing discomfort (pain) to people, families, neighborhoods, towns and even the country. We find an opportunity, an idea to change lives, then offer the services people need. In the past five years, there has been an amazing […]

Better business writing, from George Orwell, with a little bit of help from me.

Some simple guidelines to help write english essays /blogs better. I had to write this up quoting George Orwell’s guidelines which i just read. I have given examples to help you out. Please print it out, if it helps. Himalayan times, English Daily in Nepal is is often hilarious to read because of the way […]

Top ten challenges with human resources in Nepal

so here are lists of challenges in managing associates while running Digital Max Solutions, a Website development company and an online branding firm. 1) People take the job as a training first – execution of their responsibilities second(they are less inclined to feel responsible for their jobs). So tell them bluntly about this distinction when […]