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Technology, environment, common sense


A self reflection:

  • Technology
  • Common sense,
  • Lastly, Environment
I believe in these 3 systems to evolve myself. To trying to balance and enhance ourselves through the synergy of these:

I accept technology to be an efficient tool to enhance and to spread the knowledge. Using these, I continue to educate myself and to provoke others to change and follow their dreams.  Technology makes me efficient and hopefully wiser. It is not a fad or the latest tools or apps or gadgets or materials. It is pure knowledge, It is access. It brings us all closer to collaborate better.  It enables me to enhance my impact to my environment. I strive to take care of the environment (social, natural and economic). Depending on the environment (eco-system) we make, or mold, we suffer or smile.

To take care of the environment, I believe, you have to be the change you want to see around. And everyday is a grind. By

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The current state of affairs in Nepal: Time to wake up


►Nepali who have the ability to create jobs, are afraid to invest time, effort into it,
►Nepali who have wealth, are willing to go to any lengths to hide it,
►Nepali who have ideas and know-how, want to keep it to themselves either out of fear or lack of trust or because they are sucked dry by the negative environment around them,
►Nepali who want to improve but cannot because the  only ways to improve comes at the cost of taking some one else’s space (or rights, or wealth or territory or dignity)

Would you like to change this ?
or are you waiting for the day,

►When people with common sense, are forced to hide their “common sense” out of fear that they will be branded “anti-Nepali”?

What are you doing to change this environment ?

There are 2 kinds of people in Nepal right now. Those who are working to change the environment and the others are who want to wait for others to change it for them?

If you are the

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Under promise – over deliver

Its an old concept but frankly it’s a winner:

  • Under promise and over deliver !

This make your customers go crazy about your brand and they will recommend to others.
Word of mouth will bring new customers and better days.

this should serve as an welcome counter to companies like NTC (Nepal Telecom)  who over promise and under deliver. Be warned ! such behaviour creates backlash when competitors will rise and “under promise” and over deliver ! NCell is rising at the cost of NTC.

Do you know any organizations or businesses or small shops here in Nepal who Under promise and over deliver? Please let our readers know by writing below.

In the time of darkness…

In the time of darkness and gloom in Nepal, this entrepreneur is slowly turning to poetry as an escape.

“when the way the society is functioning defies common sense, when the way we live here in kathmandu baffles even us who live in it (you who live away, will be in awe at how things work here), I have found myself in loss to express myself in logical ways, in a common sensical way.”

Business and entrepreneurship mostly assumes  a fair degree of stability as a pre-requisite (or semi-stability at worst). Here I am at a loss to explain how business run and how entrepreneurs fare in a (potentially) imploding scenario.

The only thing that makes sense to me  amidst Kathmandu’s anarchy /chaos is raw poetry. Lately been doing that more and more. Maybe it is the only place i can escape to.



negativity = Uncertainity = negativity

Bad days for an entrepreneur….

If i don’t know how much electricity i am going to get next week, or how much petrol i am going to get 2 days from now, then thats a big problem for development.


These are the days of the parasites 🙂

Everyone is looking at another to see if there is anyone to lead them out of this stalemate in Nepal.

I.e constituent Assembly…
met a Non Resident Nepali dying to invest in the country (infact he already is). Just not finding enough forward moving business and politicians to move business ahead.
His family is doing a lot of big business abroad and dying to do more in Nepal. But most of his time is spent on trying to negotiate with politicians for stupid licences..

India’s licence raj is over.. Nepal’s is at its prime !!!