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Swedish IT social entrepreneur in Nepal, Bjőrn Sőderberg

Bjőrn Sőderberg, 28, is a young social entrepreneur with three successfully running companies, two in Nepal and one in Sweden. In search of something exciting, challenging and different from that of Sweden, Bjőrn Sőderberg came to Nepal as a volunteer when he was 19 years old and lived in Bal Mandir. During his stay, he […]

10 tips to know while starting your own business

We (as part of the Entrepreneurs for Nepal group) have compiled a series of tips and lessons about starting your business, which is taken from established Nepal based entrepreneurs speaking at the Entrepreneurs for Nepal forum. Here are first in hopefully what will be a series. (downloadable pdf version at the end of the article) […]

interaction with Ambica Shrestha , social entrepreneur / Dwarika heritage resorts.

Ambica Shrestha is a hotelier who is known in and around Nepal for her conservation efforts of Nepali /Newari heritage through her hotels and resorts.  I got to talk with her a week ago and it was an inspiring talk about how she got to where she is right now and the difficulties faced. Just visit […]

Waste managment and more: an opportunity for social entrepreneurs.

As we grow up, we look for ways and patterns in which we can make a ‘deep emotional’ impact on our surroundings besides feeding our desire to be self sufficient. :) In Kathmandu, i have lately been meeting young entrepreneurs who not only want to  make it big, but make a ‘positive social impact’ while doing so.And […]

March 26th Thursday 5:30pm : Chit chat with Ajay Ghimire, CEO, Vibhor Bank

lately I have been involved in organizing informal sessions between young entrepreneurs and successful entrepreneurs in Nepal. Inviting all who read this blog. This is happening every last thursdays of the month. Last one was with Min Bahadur Gurung of Bhatbhateni supermarkets (which i wrote in an earlier post). Next one is on : Ajay […]