Common sense questions for Nepal’s rulers

Dear Rulers
You have been ruling us for some time now, some of you, for 5 or 10 or 15 or even 20 years now.So we want you to answer a few questions below.

  • Why are 601 constituent lawmakers needed when at the end only 3 or 4 politicians decide everything for them?
  • Why do you stop hydro-power companies from investing here, if you talk about hydro-power as a major export and development catalyst for Nepal? (we go 14 to 18 hours without electricity a day each winter)
  • Why do you talk about democracy, when you issue “whip” to your members to only be allowed to vote along party leaders lines?
  • Why do you talk about us youths as Nepal’s future, when we are clearly the “present” of the country? (82% of Nepali are under 40)
  • Why do you call other countries to help and beg for aid if you don’t want any foreign interference? (30% of economy runs on aid)
  • Why does Bagmati still stink when over 25 years, there are 100’s of organizations and government bodies working to solve it?
  • Why do you talk about transparency when your parties don’t reveal who funds you?
  • Why do you treat our remittance workers like third grade Nepali, when they are responsible for $3.5 Billion income?(nearly a third of Nepal’s income?) (have you seen us stand on passport lines in offices, insulted in airports, extorted by your cronies etc)
  • Why are 1200 Nepalis stuck with going abroad every day for a job despite our two neighbors, India and China growing at near 10% each year?
  • Why did you come together to launch a revolution in Nepal 4 years ago if “gaas, baash ra kapaas” (गाँस, बास र कपास” is still your slogan on random walls? (prices are up yearly 20% since you took over?)
  • Why do we Nepali need you anymore?

Thank you again for helping answer these questions.
Sincerely Nepal’s,

A Nepali. (Insert your name)

If you have your own questions for our rulers, write in the comments below. Thanks.


  1. चोरहरुले देश बेचर सक्ने भए, एक रत्ति पनि पीर छैन उनीहरु लाई|
    लौन अब हामी केहि गरौ हाम्रै लागि, कति यिनको निम्ति आन्दोलन गर्ने, अब आफ्नै लागि उठौ!!!

  2. Dear leaders, you always said us that your party is going to make our country a developed one, but why donu2019t you think of developing the basic requirements first such as making education politics free zone, providing free technical and management education, working with universities and doing research and development ; providing basic health facility, sanitation and water facility, nutrition to our pregnant mother , brothers and sisters; and generating employment , providing environment to foster entrepreneurship, bringing youth and educated people in politics.