Nepal Bandh

recall this shell-shocked face?
went mortally embarrassed today
hope’s taken a thundering smack down,

As this city of five fold million woke up
a ruthless mob of five fold hundred cracked down,
held hostage to this city of lost souls,
their blades sharpened with our cowardice,
their seething passion fueled from our hollow despairs

as this sheep wanders aimlessly
down these bare streets of Kathmandu
am left red-faced by her nakedness,

spikes after spikes of anguish shoot up,
herds of poker-faced zombies march past,
fear imprinted on their drained faces
stamped out by a mere couple hundred wolf pack

The age of wolves has finally arrived
ruthless rulers of a kingdom of million sheep
a land, where dues are paid with fear
where despair reigns as the only currency

Us, ‘poor, waylaid ‘ sheep
what will is there left to rise,
or do we bend and dance again
to flutes of these mad pipers,
while them wolves lick
our fear …off their paws
do we sheep slowly march to their tunes
towards a cliff and to the abyss beyond…

Perhaps some god will pity us,
perhaps god is just one of us cowards
perhaps she shall rise from one among us,

till then, here’s to remember us by,
“one bloody long line of flaccid,
little fear-struck self-pitying sheep
of five fold a million….”

(I wrote this a couple of years ago yet is as relevant as ever to our apathetic state and lack of responsibility as Nepali citizens). If you want to do something about it, join our Nepal Khulla Group on Facebook