You can’t improve what is inherently evil.

Taking cue from archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, who said on the lines of “You cannot improve what is inherently evil.”

Let us add:

  • You can’t improve politicians who lose elections yet win power.
  • You can’t improve a political system that thrives on status quo and fear over you.
  • You can’t improve groups that fight on the lines of caste and color of their skins or through hate and fear.
  • You can’t improve negative or violent cultures. You can only replace them.
  • You can’t improve old resigned minds.
  • You can’t improve others without first improving yourself.

  • You can improve yourself. Lead the way!
  • You can improve the way we hold our systems accountable! Demand! Act! Lead!
  • You can improve people’s common sense to elect better leaders! Provoke them!
  • You can improve the way traffic is run or change the environment by taking an active stand!
  • You can create a positive culture around you. Take an initiative !
  • You can improve youthful minds. Shape them, mentor them and unleash them!