the disadvantages of an elite education

here is something (link above) that resonates with me against the backdrop where all the brain drain that is happening in Nepal and the way smart youths are progressing towards being cookie cutter professionals rather than the entrepreneurs, innovators, creative intellectuals/professionals they could become.

The writer stresses on the “disadvantages brought forth by the elite education system in the US (and the world… i will add). The system is gearing towards making careers, rather than making minds. They make professionals who cannot deal with the rest of the system or environoment they live around, rather than making innovators who can deal with problems of others inside the eco-system.

Our elite education system is fast becoming a system that makes “excellent sheeps” 🙂

When we send our smart youths away to study at the elite institutions in the world, maybe we are not going to get very much in return (in line with our expectations).