Are you doing or just talking-suggesting-supporting ?

In any social media platform like Facebook, there are various actions you can do.

• If someone wrote on their wall, on how some-one is to blame for the country’s problem, maybe 100 will reply back… (I term this ‘Talking‘)

• If some one wrote on their wall, asking for advice on what to do next ? 20 people will reply back with comments (This is ‘Suggesting‘)

• If someone wrote on their wall, asking for others to join an event they organized to protest, fewer than 5 people would reply back saying either they will, or won’t. (this is ‘Supporting‘)

• If some one actually turns up for the event in person, after seeing this on your Facebook wall, that’s what I call ‘DOING‘ !

So are you going to just talk, suggest, support or actually DO ?
What action are you going take today ?