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New forms of protests in Nepal

In our group against Bandhs in Nepal, aptly called “Die Nepal Bandh Die”, we are continuously devising new ways to make effective forms of protest as an alternative to shutdowns. Here’s a few to start with:

Do go and piss in front of Singh Durbar (prime ministers office) in Kathmandu instead of doing the total shutdown protest… The stink will be felt ! Want to shit? even better!

Block the cars of the ministers and then hurl shit to them. Let them smell what you feel.

Remind the government of our persistent trash problems by hijacking a trash container and dumping it right in front of the officials gates.

Take some animal blood and throw it in their cars or their houses  or  offices to remind them, its time to think about the country after so much bloodshed.

Take pictures of the plight you care and email it in blogs, online, newspapers. Share fast, Share hard. Pictures from your mobile is the best way!

SMS (text) “घुस्या” to that official who just extorted a bribe from you. Share their number with your friends and

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Something I did on Valentine’s day with 60 other enthusiasts !

Froze for 5 minutes on the main square in Basantapur, Kathmandu.


A short video here


Change is not only unusual but very simple too ( and a bit crazy at that time)…

Change is fun too ( at the time maybe nerve raking) 🙂