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Interaction with a Swedish Investor and a Nepali media CEO

here are the transcripts of the last thursdays series of the Entrepreneurs for Nepal group in September. It is based on an interaction with a Swedish investor and a nepali CEO.

Jonas Lindblom (Swedish Investor in Nepal)

“The market in India is very complicated and it is difficult to do business there. There are many middlemen in India and various agents are involved in almost every sector. But in Nepal, it’s simple. There are few people in entrepreneurship and everyone knows each other. Nepal is simpler for a foreigner like me and its way too easier to do business in Nepal. That’s why I came here,” said Swedish entrepreneur, Jonas Lindblom.

Lindblom is running two companies in Nepal – Artamus Nepal (P) Ltd. And L&L House of Commerce (P) Ltd.

Artamus Nepal focuses on Internet Marketing for European clients and L&L House of Commerce is a trading and investment company. The latter company focuses to introduce high quality products from Scandinavia and export unique Nepali products to the European market.He shared his ideas about investing in Nepal from a foreigner’s

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