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America Again ? vs America First? (An outsider’s perspective)

On November 3, 2020 there will be a referendum on democracy in the United states of America and because of its influence and impact one can argue this might also be a referendum for the rest of the world too. One may wonder why such a priority should be given to this one election in the US at this time, by the rest of us around the world. First of all, the USA has evolved to become an established and prosperous democracy improved upon by centuries of iterative processes. Where-as in the overwhelming majority of the world, democracy is still a new kid in the block. As high quality democratic values are sowed all around the world, its growing pains, its expected missteps in the early days and occasional misdirections even in evolved ones are constantly taken advantage of and counter-attacked by the feudal values rooted in autocracy, fundamentalism, cultural absolutisms and the promises of communist utopism. So changemakers from around the world all over are looking into the US particularly

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12 predictions (warnings) for Nepal in the next 2 years…

Easy link to remember: bitly.com/nepal2022

नेपालीमा पढ्न यहाँ

What can go wrong in Nepal in the next 2 years (by 2022)?

I am really hoping that the following 12 predictions for Nepal will NOT come true.

But then, “Leadership is Preparedness.” The primary question that my forecast poses is, “how do we prepare best for these possible scenarios that spell cataclysm for Nepal? For a nation that has never learnt to prepare well, either we prepare ahead or suffer the catastrophic consequences of a lifetime. Anyone who is concerned for the welfare of their fellow citizens should start working towards finding and uprooting the underlying causes by building “transformational” solutions in the days ahead. And in the process prove this document’s predictions  false.

1. Democracy: Nepal will have neither free nor fair elections.”
In all future local, provincial and federal elections, winnable candidates are chosen based on cronyism  i.e loyalty to the “extractive ruling elite”. In other words, only representation from extractive few will rule Nepal. Even in non-governmental groups,  leadership of unions, professional fraternities and business federations are decided as per the whim of the “extractive ruling elites”. Elections laws,

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Responsible Citizens + Accountable Leaders = Prosperous Nation

Responsible Citizens + Accountable leaders = Prosperous Nation

Responsible Citizens = Citizens who feel it is their own responsibility to change their neighborhood and their environment. The more fortunate ones have the moral duty to lead this change. Responsible citizens change themselves first. Then they change their neighbors. They create and support a system that rewards responsibility. They are provokers who propose alternate solutions (केहि गरौँ, मेरो देश, मेरै दायित्व” kind) unlike critics who are usually cynics (doubters, complainers यस्तै हो, केहि हुन्न kind).

Accountable Leaders = Leaders who are answerable to those who put them in positions of influence. They find the time and energy to answer questions posed by citizens of their country and help remove negativity in the society. Accountable leaders hold their attitude, behavior, life-style to the highest standards demanded of any leadership. They usually would make a lot of mistakes but are more than willing to learn and rectify again and again. If they don’t know the way, they will not get in the way (for others).

Prosperous Nation = A nation where each family is prosperous enough to feed, educate and care enough. A prosperous nation believes in sustaining

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be the other one percent.

Right now, a very small group, maybe about 1% of Nepalis, they rule over the rest of us. We follow them (overwhelmingly unwillingly).
These people excel by harming the interests of Nepalis. They rule by installing fear into your lives. They take undue advantage of our patience and dis-unity. Some may even say, they treat us like slaves.

Is there an alternative to this? Yes I believe, there is.

Be the other 1% .

Why is this important?
Because the rest of Nepalis (the 98%) are followers, sheeps waiting for an alternative. Who-ever (you?) creates this alternate 1% stand a good chance of shaping Nepal’s future.

So who could be the alternate 1% ? I would start with us, the “common sense leaders, the one percent-ers“. (see the image below).

This ?  Are you part of this ?

common sense movement networking structure

More importantly, are you organizing your group to be part of this?