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Responsible Citizens + Accountable Leaders = Prosperous Nation

Responsible Citizens + Accountable leaders = Prosperous Nation

Responsible Citizens = Citizens who feel it is their own responsibility to change their neighborhood and their environment. The more fortunate ones have the moral duty to lead this change. Responsible citizens change themselves first. Then they change their neighbors. They create and support a system that rewards responsibility. They are provokers who propose alternate solutions (केहि गरौँ, मेरो देश, मेरै दायित्व” kind) unlike critics who are usually cynics (doubters, complainers यस्तै हो, केहि हुन्न kind).

Accountable Leaders = Leaders who are answerable to those who put them in positions of influence. They find the time and energy to answer questions posed by citizens of their country and help remove negativity in the society. Accountable leaders hold their attitude, behavior, life-style to the highest standards demanded of any leadership. They usually would make a lot of mistakes but are more than willing to learn and rectify again and again. If they don’t know the way, they will not get in the way (for others).

Prosperous Nation = A nation where each family is prosperous enough to feed, educate and care enough. A prosperous nation believes in sustaining

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negativity = Uncertainity = negativity

Bad days for an entrepreneur….

If i don’t know how much electricity i am going to get next week, or how much petrol i am going to get 2 days from now, then thats a big problem for development.


These are the days of the parasites 🙂

Everyone is looking at another to see if there is anyone to lead them out of this stalemate in Nepal.

I.e constituent Assembly…
met a Non Resident Nepali dying to invest in the country (infact he already is). Just not finding enough forward moving business and politicians to move business ahead.
His family is doing a lot of big business abroad and dying to do more in Nepal. But most of his time is spent on trying to negotiate with politicians for stupid licences..

India’s licence raj is over.. Nepal’s is at its prime !!!