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America Again ? vs America First? (An outsider’s perspective)

On November 3, 2020 there will be a referendum on democracy in the United states of America and because of its influence and impact one can argue this might also be a referendum for the rest of the world too. One may wonder why such a priority should be given to this one election in the US at this time, by the rest of us around the world. First of all, the USA has evolved to become an established and prosperous democracy improved upon by centuries of iterative processes. Where-as in the overwhelming majority of the world, democracy is still a new kid in the block. As high quality democratic values are sowed all around the world, its growing pains, its expected missteps in the early days and occasional misdirections even in evolved ones are constantly taken advantage of and counter-attacked by the feudal values rooted in autocracy, fundamentalism, cultural absolutisms and the promises of communist utopism. So changemakers from around the world all over are looking into the US particularly

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