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“All this learning means nothing until you make something happen.” tips from a entrepreneur.

A small but powerful piece about “confidence” from a startup entrepreneur.

He argues, “All this learning means nothing until you make something happen,” further adding,
“I was an over-confident punk, thinking I had the answer, and everyone else didn’t. But it worked. And in fact, isn’t that kind of confidence absolutely required to get anything done? Isn’t the role of the entrepreneur to be the bold, daring, audacious one? The over-confident reckless one who says, “Screw it. Let’s do it!”?
Yes! Of course! It’s the essential final lesson: that all this learning means nothing until you make something happen.

What are you going to do about it?

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Swedish IT social entrepreneur in Nepal, Bjőrn Sőderberg

Bjőrn Sőderberg, 28, is a young social entrepreneur with three successfully running companies, two in Nepal and one in Sweden.

In search of something exciting, challenging and different from that of Sweden, Bjőrn Sőderberg came to Nepal as a volunteer when he was 19 years old and lived in Bal Mandir. During his stay, he saw the potential for exciting new things in the hands of the young people in the country. In contrary to the trend of the youngsters finding their way to the U.S and abroad, Bjőrn started off in Nepal with a paper recycling (Watabaran Pvt. Ltd.) and IT outsourcing venture (Websearch Professionals Pvt. Ltd).

Despite the Swedish Government urging its citizens not to travel to Nepal for security reasons, Mr. Sőderberg was determined and he started approaching for loans in banks for the initial capital of $20,000. But through his struggle in the initial days, what he learnt was exciting!

——> Lesson No: 1,  One does not need money to be an entrepreneur, s/he needs customers. You don’t spend money to start a company; you start a company to earn money. And with this learning in mind, he went to Sweden and confirmed

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wanted to share an article ” how to build startups that matter”

Eric Ries talks about how to build companies that matter.

(1) Work on something that matters to you more than money,

(2) Create more value than you capture, and

(3) Take the long view.

Its a good context in the current world wide recession in the world partly caused by “too much greed” and applies to Nepal which has just come out of a civil war ( and is in economic mess.)

Here is the full link. enjoy!


lessons learned on an impeccable set of plans for startup companies.

I was reading through this and found it insightful.

these advice  sounds good on paper but are actually startup killers (or any business killers)…


How to achieve failure with an impeccable plan like this.

If you feel this is a good plan, think again and read the article. you are in for a surprise:

  • Start a company with a compelling long-term vision. Don’t get distracted by trying to flip it. Instead, try and build a company that will matter on the scale of the next century. Aim to become the “next AOL or Microsoft” not a niche player.
  • Raise sufficient capital to have an extended runway from experienced smart money investors with deep pockets who are prepared to make follow-on investments.
  • Hire the absolute best and the brightest, true experts in their fields, who in turn can hire the smartest people possible to staff their departments. Insist on the incredibly high-IQ employees and hold them to incredibly high standards.
  • Bring in an expert CEO with outstanding business credentials and startup experience to focus on relentless execution.
  • Build a truly mainstream product. Focus on

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