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Prabal Gurung: Inspiring Entrepreneur !

“I would rather make a mistake than live with the regret that I never tried.”

Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung’s essence can be captured with the above quote as much today, while full stride in his New York fashion career, as back in time when he was a young boy in Nepal. His dreams started at a young age while in St. Xavier’s School in Kathmandu even though he acknowledges that he was never one of the ‘brilliant’ students. With the support of his family, he stayed true to his calling, and was always immersed in his own world. He recalls sketching his ideas and designs wherever he could, be it in school books, drawing sheets or walls. One of the first admirers of his work was his mother who always encouraged his creativity. This support, Prabal believes, is the root of all his success which gives constant inspiration and the strength to stand his ground in the competitive world of high fashion.

One of the most courageous steps in pursuit of his dreams can be traced back to the time he went to India to start his career by studying at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in

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Swedish IT social entrepreneur in Nepal, Bjőrn Sőderberg

Bjőrn Sőderberg, 28, is a young social entrepreneur with three successfully running companies, two in Nepal and one in Sweden.

In search of something exciting, challenging and different from that of Sweden, Bjőrn Sőderberg came to Nepal as a volunteer when he was 19 years old and lived in Bal Mandir. During his stay, he saw the potential for exciting new things in the hands of the young people in the country. In contrary to the trend of the youngsters finding their way to the U.S and abroad, Bjőrn started off in Nepal with a paper recycling (Watabaran Pvt. Ltd.) and IT outsourcing venture (Websearch Professionals Pvt. Ltd).

Despite the Swedish Government urging its citizens not to travel to Nepal for security reasons, Mr. Sőderberg was determined and he started approaching for loans in banks for the initial capital of $20,000. But through his struggle in the initial days, what he learnt was exciting!

——> Lesson No: 1,  One does not need money to be an entrepreneur, s/he needs customers. You don’t spend money to start a company; you start a company to earn money. And with this learning in mind, he went to Sweden and confirmed

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interaction with Ambica Shrestha , social entrepreneur / Dwarika heritage resorts.

Ambica Shrestha is a hotelier who is known in and around Nepal for her conservation efforts of Nepali /Newari heritage through her hotels and resorts.  I got to talk with her a week ago and it was an inspiring talk about how she got to where she is right now and the difficulties faced. Just visit to her hotel in Battisputali, Kathmandu to check out the preservation of ancient heritage she has done. http://www.dwarikas.com/

Here is a transcript of her interaction with nearly 100 young entrepreneurs. A must listen to all those who are aspiring to make a positive impact in Nepal. (right click to download link).


hope you enjoy it.  let me know what it felt like.  I regularly organize such interactions with a few friends for our group “entrepreneurs for nepal“. So welcome any advice you have got !