Noble entrepreneurship (Buddha might agree)

On the eve of Buddha’s birthday today, here are some of my wishes for those of you, who are an entrepreneur or want to be on a noble path of entrepreneurship:

  1.  Make profits through ethical means. Let your soul be that judge.
  2. • Serve your customers well, in fact extremely well.
  3. • Respect your employees (even when they may not).
  4. • Transform your surroundings with your passion for hard work and persistence.
  5. • Do respect to your competitors even if you win or lose.
  6. • Provide dignified jobs.
  7. • Be humble at your successes or failures
  8. • Measure your wealth by social profits as well.
  9. • Suffer for others. Real Leaders are meant to.
  10. • Invest your time. Don’t spend it.
  11. • Always think about how your products can positively transform the society around you.

As Buddha prescribed, “may you also have the right view, the right intention, the right speech, the right action, the right livelihood, the right effort, the right mindfulness and the right concentration!” on your journey as a “noble entrepreneur”.

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