Individually excellent, collective failure (we Nepalis)

As Nepalis we may be individually excellent, but collectively as a Nation, we are a failure! (so far)

  1. A Nepali student (Lujendra Ojha) has found water on Mars. We Nepali don’t manage properly to have enough safe drinking water despite having the water resources that sustains 1.3 billion people.
  2. A Nepali doctor (Sanduk Ruit) cures blindness from thousands of people around the world. Every year, Nepali citizens turn a blind eye to polluted rivers, polluted leadership, polluted culture of “yestai ho”.
  3. A Nepali woman (Anuradha Koirala) becomes a CNN Hero for outstanding service for humanity for work against women trafficking. But, 7000 Nepali girls are sold by Nepali citizens to Brothels around the world every year, while the nation looks aside.
  4. A Nepali entrepreneur (Upendra Mahato) is a billionaire, a smart Nepali who has shown us how to succeed. On the other hand, Nepal asks for food aid every year to feed hungry Nepali in western Nepal.
  5. A Nepali designer (Prabal Gurung) dresses the most powerful and beautiful women in the World. As we know, Nepal as a nation cannot even manufacture needles.
  6. Nepali bio-tech scientists in Europe and the US are decoding our genes to build medicines that will save millions in the future. Yet 10,500 Nepali children die of preventable sanitation related diseases like diarrhea, every year.
  7. Nepali youths are at their best, innovating at places like Google, Apple, some even owning patents with Exxon (one of the richest companies in the world). Yet only 6% Nepali students pass even high school every year.
  8. Nepali workers have built Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world in Dubai. Meanwhile Nepal seems to have hardly built anything grander than the “Dharahara” built-in 1800s.
  9. Nepali engineers are developing the next generational World cup stadiums in Qatar for 2022. Yet, Nepal these days regularly begs for money to renovate its old temples from foreigners. And we rarely build any worth looking at.
  10. Siddhartha Gautam (Buddha) having born here, inspired billions to love each other. Yet in the past 20 years, Nepali led by other Nepali, have killed thousands of their own and teach others to hate each other based on ethnic groups, philosophy, religion, caste, and “hate thy neighbor.”
  11. A Nepali soldier is known for his or her honesty, integrity, loyalty and bravery around the world. Yet these days, this nation is better known for being one of the most corrupt, un-accountable leadership with little rule of law and coward citizens.
  12. Individually a Nepali is judged as warm, caring, trustworthy person around the world (ask anyone) but collectively we are known as a failed Nation.

In the end, no matter how excellent we end up individually, we all have to carry the same ‘hariyo‘ passports (and possibly face the same humiliation around the world as a failing nation).

Unless we unite and work as a team, we end up becoming a collective failure. My question to you, is shall we unite now to become a collective success ! Shall we work as a nation?

Try watching this video to understand some of the ways we can become a collective success.

And here is how I am helping us become a “Collective Excellence ! ”
Join us if you want to go along !

4 thoughts on “Individually excellent, collective failure (we Nepalis)

  1. seems as individuals we forget responsibility means “help others” as well..

  2. I would say if every individual became responsible and successful then collectively we will be successful.

  3. Yes, We must have to unite to become a collectively success. 

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