Nepal is beautiful. It doesn’t need to change. We do.

Nyatapola in Bhaktapur

Nepal is beautiful. It doesn’t need to change. We do.

Bagmati, near Sundarijal is refreshingly pure. As we touch it, we start turning it toxic. We need to change our habits.

Krishna Mandir in Patan is heart stopping! The houses we have built around it, since, aren’t. We need to re-think what “progress” means.

Kathmandu is fresh. Just smell the air as you walk down on its streets at dawn. As the day progresses we turn it into a smog hole. We need to reconsider our life-style.

The apples of Mustang are delicious! How many of us have tasted them? Yet we import apples from the US daily. We need to reconsider our priorities.

Nepal is peaceful. We sure are provoking it to become increasingly violent. We do Nepal bandhs to install fear in its air. We spread negative news day after day to poison it. We fill it in with “yestai ho” mentality to depress it. We really need to chill !

Nepal remains united. We are hellbent on fragmenting it. We are provoking each other in nastier ways, in the name of our ethnic groups, religion, ideologies and status. We burden her by demanding our rights from her, without being responsible for protecting her. What would be our identity without Nepal?

Nepal is youthful! 3 out of 4 Nepali are under 40. We are sweating in and out of Nepal making ourselves known for our passion, dedication, hard work,loyalty and bravery. How about our rulers?

Nepal is rich. It provides for nearly 30 million of us. Yet we choose rulers who do everything to rob it and strip it down. We need to change the way we make our choices.

Nepal is strong. It can handle every problem we hurl on it with grace and humility. We need to ask, do we deserve her?

Nepal is beautiful. It doesn’t need to change. We do.

(a version of this was published in Folio magazine)

4 thoughts on “Nepal is beautiful. It doesn’t need to change. We do.

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  2. This is an amazing write up! I believe that Nepal is really beautiful! We must do everything we can to keep it that way and infact make it better.

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