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601 lawmakers of the constituent assembly: blacklisted by Nepalis

If a business person’s passport is seized for defaulting on his loans,
If a citizen can be jailed for defaulting on her responsibilities like drunk-driving
If a student can be expelled for failing  on her exams or cheating,
If a driver can be fined,for failing to deliver you to the proper destination,

Can’t our lawmakers (CA members) be blacklisted for defaulting on our new constitution?

Here are your 601 lawmakers that people of Nepal (yes, us!) asked to build a new constitution of Nepal, 2 years ago (yes 24 months)    3 years (36 months)  39 months,  nearly 4 years ago that would help us enter a new age of progressive Nepal.

Are you ready to blacklist the people you elected if they default on making our new constitution? Will you tell them, 


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Dabal Bahadur Shah
Hari Lal Thapa Magar
Jagya Bahadur Sahi
Mahesh Chaudhari
Indramaya Gurung
Kamala Pant
Naryankaji Shrestha
Sabina Baram
Chandra Lal Meche
Jagat Bahadur Tajpuria
Shila Katila
Md. Akbal Ahmad Shah
Achyut Raj Pandey

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