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Common sense questions for Nepal’s rulers

Dear Rulers
You have been ruling us for some time now, some of you, for 5 or 10 or 15 or even 20 years now. So we want you to answer a few questions below.

  • Why are the hundreds of elected lawmakers needed when at the end only 3 or 4 politicians decide everything for them (through ‘whip’?
  • Why do you stop hydro-power companies from investing here, if you talk about hydro-power as a major export and development catalyst for Nepal? (we went more than 12 hours a day without electricity every winter for nearly a decade)
  • Why do you talk about democracy, when you issue “whip” to your 100’s of elected lawmakers, forcing them to vote along party leaders lines only?
  • Why do you talk about youths as Nepal’s future, when youths are clearly the “present” of the country? (82% of Nepali are under 40)
  • Why do you call other countries to help and beg for aid if you don’t want any foreign interference? (30% of economy runs on aid)
  • Why does Bagmati still stink when for over

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No taxation without the new constitution in Nepal

No taxation without the new constitution in nepal

In the 9 years, I have been back and experimenting and failing through a number of start ups, I have realized that without the environment changing, we entrepreneurs have little to celebrate in Nepal now because we face roadblocks of immense scale, where we are not being allowed to work consistently. Us, job creators are slowly getting squeezed to shut shop or lower our morals or run away. This situation is turning Kathmandu into an old people’s home and Nepal as a beggar nation.

Thus I am with this new rallying shout of Nepali entrepreneurs which is “No taxation without the new constitution in nepal“.

I am a Nepali first and I want Nepal going on the right direction. And I protest.