Organize the unorganized. Build platforms for them. Transform Nepal !

Nepal today has  ‘syndicates’ of the so called ‘incompetent’ people, while the ‘nation builders’ amongst us are bitterly divided, isolated and looking for someone to unite us.
Here is an excellent opportunity for you to organize and unite the unorganized, this huge mass of Nepali talents, “potential nation builders” !

Because if you can organize this important yet unorganized group, you have the opportunity to jump-start the Bibeksheel (entrepreneurial + political + social) transformation we need to make Nepal prosperous.

Who are the ‘unorganized’ I am talking about here?
This untapped group of Nepalis are educated, have exposure and have nation building skills. They are honest, creative and daring. And they  have the right moral compass but lack the will, direction and guts to walk alone in that direction. They are the ‘nation-builders’ who WILL build our Nepal given the right environment.

Build platforms where these nation builders can come together and unite. You will end up surprised at its huge impact!

Networking Platform to make Nepal prosperous

A group of progressive bureaucrats aligned with social innovators/social entrepreneurs along with the youthful common sense leaders, together would transform Nepal. But specifically how ?

Here are few ways to start.
A) Start a ‘leadership building academy‘ that brings in new generation leaders, innovators, game changers of various social-entrepreneurial-political background. Do this in your city, your region. In essence, we start organizing networks of influencers that encourages Nepali citizens to actively engage with each other to build visionary leadership in this country. I see it as a “high impact club”.  “BibekSheel Nepali Party” is already starting this. You could too.

B) Build a “Entrepreneurs  Platform” that builds, mentors, incubate, networks and invests in social or regular entrepreneurs. This should be run by exclusively people with strictly entrepreneurship background who understand youths of Nepal today. A model could be Nepali version of or Consider this platform an upgraded nationwide version of  “Entrepreneurs for Nepal” platform.

C) Run a Mentorship program by connect top college-going youths and recent graduates into leadership enhancing networks by mentoring them with Nepali Change makers. Finally create a motivating platform that eases them to join the government and other public services as a way to install a “servant government” form of governance. Let top public policy advisers and private sector achievers mentor them side by side. This will make our youths itchy enough to organize, network and execute public policy ideas that help govern Nepal. This effort, “Hamro dayitwo” is a an example to start with.

Platforms which build visionary leaders with common sense, who work with social innovators and entrepreneurs and are supported by progressive, up-to-date bureaucrats together would transform our Nepal into a prosperous nation.

Now lets get going !
don’t over-plan, just start a platform now and keep at it. Persistence is the key!

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