How to distinguish between a leader or ruler in Nepal ?

Here are some differences I have noticed between our Nepali rulers stuck in 19th/20th century status quo and the 21st century relevant leaders that Nepal probably wants.

What we have:

What we seek:

Romanticizes on 19th & 20th century ideologies without evolving. are pragmatic and willing to change views when proved by facts and research
Believe in ‘Win – Lose’ Believe in ‘Win -Win’
Teaches followers to ‘follow’ Mentor followers to ‘lead’
Transparency is ‘dreaded’ Transparency is ‘compulsory’
Accountable to only ‘followers’ Accountable to ‘citizens’
Response style: “beat around the bush Response style: Straight to the point .
Over-promises, under-delivers Under-promises, over-delivers
Good speeches Good outcomes
Divide and rule Unite and rule
Focuses on differences Focuses on “common points”
End justifies the means Means justify the ends.
Politics is about convincing (others) Politics is about delivering (results)
Focuses on ‘rights’ only Focuses on ‘rights with responsibility’
talks more and is receptive to problem listens more and is receptive to solution
is reluctant to change in leadership is open to change in leadership
Only Reacts to situation. (Reactive) Responds to situation. (proactive)
Conflicting visions for the future Has vision for the future with plans and team ready