Retire the Netas ! असक्षम नेताहरुलाई हटाम् !

भाई फुटे, गवारँ लुटे

After attending 5 different protests on a single day, two by Jana Jati sangh, one by 16 “minor” parties, one by bahun-chhetri samaj etc, and one by youths who just want a constitution in time  here is what I believe now.

• Who are we fighting ? (Each other): 

Everyone I look around is fighting to make sure they can get their basic rights in the new Federal Republic of #Nepal. All these demands can be legitimately addressed. This is a solvable problem. We just have to show empathy towards each other. Lets sit down together and get a dialog going now. Lets listen to each other without defending each other. Lets stick to the point.
Isn’t the goal of all warring groups to live in peace, prosperity, dignity and harmony? Common sense can prevail even around all these seemingly differing demands.

  • Ethnic, identity or minority rights? can be solved.
  • Dominant tribes fear of repercussions or reverse-bias? can be addressed.
  • Equality under each federal state? can be ensured.
  • How to share wealth between states? can be easily shared.
  • Discrimination problems? Empathy, Empathy, Empathy (can be taught)
  • Right Historical wrongs? sure… we should. can be addressed !
  • Want to make all Nepalis wealthy? yes easily with our strategic location (India/China) can be created.
  • Meritocracy based on Empathy? yes a system where understanding & empowering minority situation while still creating a merit-based society can be set up.
  • and etc etc etc…
The key is we citizens if we continue fighting each-other will  NEVER get what we want . Never !

• Who should we be fighting against? (Each party leadership)

We citizens who are busy fighting each-other are simply being used by the current political parties in the CA (every one of them). We are being taught NOT to be “compassionate” towards one-another, not to be tolerant and not to trust the other group. This is done deliberately so that the top party Netas can stay in power (the longer and deeper we are divided, the longer they can rule (with an iron fist).
If lets say,there are 100 of us Nepalis bitterly divided into 100 groups, even if these party Netas get 2 votes out of 100, they win legitimately in a democracy and get to rule over us (often with impunity and iron fist – always saying they were elected) !

So how do we solve this ? (Retire the Netas)

Nepali citizens, you and me, let us all pause from fighting each-other on constitutional issues to work with each other on this one issue first. Let us come together to retire every single party leadership representing the Constitutional Assembly CA now! Yes, lets unite to retire them!
Then lets find enough compassion to solve each other’s genuine problems historical and current with common sense, After all, each of the differing groups want the same basic things like peace, prosperity, dignity and harmony. We can ALL WIN but only if we first can make our Netas retire.

So shall we unite to:

असक्षम नेताहरुलाई हटाम् !


Please add your thoughts on how we can make this possible ? Crazy times demand crazy ideas 🙂
Here is one way I suggest.
By being part of a  Common Sense Movement in Nepal 

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