Build a network of networks

I am building a network of networks. Why? I believe building this brings positive change in Nepal. How so ? Networks have always existed in our society in religious, communal, educational, age, education and uncountable other forms. Even big media is a network similar to political ones. Networks helps organize people to turn them into powerful forces that can demand & act and solve problems we as people find it impossible to do.

The problem is when there are too many networks operating independently, an anarchy ensues that impedes revolutionary change from happening. Because all networks are pushing for changes separately their personal push is not enough to swing the momentum, even if there are thousands of them.. Think of it, as us pushing a strong door one at a time. It will never open. There is not enough force. Even if thousand of us came and pushed one at a time, it wouldn’t. But together, if we pushed at the same time, it would be a different story, wouldn’t it.

And this immense power lies un-used because there aren’t any connectors who works to bind them together with a loose thin thread which is nudged at right times to give the catalytic push needed.

Change occurs when different powerful networks converge to give a momentum to tip the balance in favor of wheels of change over the boulders of inertia.

Power lies within these connectors (network builders), who can build network of networks and sync network controllers to collaborative action. Think of them as lubricants to a car: the different parts of car’s engine is working on their own free-will but the car doesn’t run forward because there is no lubricant.

We can strengthen the momentum towards positive change by connecting these Network builders together. One major way to bring positive revolutionary social-economic changes in Nepal might be  this.

How can YOU become a Network builder?

First, identify and start helping people who control networks by connecting them with resources, or amplify their effort or rally people behind them. Build trust by helping them stay in action. Then use this knowledge to influence another network. In this way you create a loop of a Network of people who control networks. Social media speeds this process up immensely. Use tools like Facebook, twitter or social forums to find them and then help them (in action). As you build a lasting relationship with these Network Controllers, slowly but surely you start building a network of networks.

How many activist groups are you part of today in Facebook ? I bet quite a few (if you are in Nepal). You are already on your way to becoming a network builder. Start becoming active in your networks today and build your own network of network builders by connecting these powerful people who run various networks.

Become a Network Builder !

(By the way, do you know any network builders around you ? List them below)

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