Looking for bridge-builders

Are we in dire need of “bridge builders” in Nepal?

A Bridge builder builds and safe-guards a bridge across to connect Nepal to the “nation builders”. They are individuals who plunge, who risk in difficult times like now, to become a bridge between “the coming era of nation builders” and the fading era of nation destroyers. Only, through the bridge-builder’s safe-guards and sacrifices, the nation builders can come together to build Nepal into a dignified prosperity.

Bridge builders are a unique species, true patriots.  They help bring about the era of nation builders.  You might ask why don’t we bring the nation builders here right away. Nation builders cannot come to Nepal right now. Why? Because even though they have the will and the ability to significantly impact their environment, they  need a relatively conducive environment to thrive. Nepal is not there yet. Nation builders include entrepreneurs, doctors, technocrats, community activists, policy makers, scientists, etc etc.

Bridge-builders make this possible. It requires men of courage, will and willing to sacrifice it for improving the environment until the nation builders can take over. What we lack now, are bridge builders. Are you one? Will you become one?

Here are some of your roles as a bridge builder:

  • be an uncompromising and tireless campaigner for consensus and an integrator.
  • advocate each Nepali to search for their own “identity” and “sense of purpose” in their community.
  • advocate for each Nepali to be cleaner on their personal conscience.
  • be a bold and pacifying voice for the oppressed, helpless, affected and confused Nepalis.
  • lead by example and be a strong moral force in his cause. Become a stronger moral compass for others to follow.
  • advocate and organize a peaceful resistance to violent systems.
  • have compassion for your enemy even while you seek to completely destroy this system in which the enemy flourishes.
  • forsake the traps of self glorification and cheap popularity. Focus only on “bridge-building.”
  • become a truth worshipper. This is the source of power of a “bridge builder”.
  • inspire Nepalis to the path of nation building along the lines of “अहिंशा” (non-violence) , compassion, and moral integrity.
  • bring together other bridge-builders to build this bridge and guide them to be safeguards.We need to build a critical mass of bridge-builders.
  • organize teams of nation builders ready to take over from the transition.
  • and finally be ready to engage in self sacrifice to build and safeguard this bridge.

Hopefully you will be one of the rare ones, that will build this bridge into a new Nepal.

Happy Father’s day. Make your father proud.

“A man’s soul is an endless universe plus one more. Be aware, be dazzled.”

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