Just change 1% !

Forget about changing yourself full or half ,25% or even 10%. How about just changing 1% more? Remember, Scientists have told us that we are only 1% different from Monkeys (genetically). Yet we, humans have managed to do so many wonderful things,(and bad things too) that sets us apart from these monkeys. If this 1% difference has caused so much visible change, here’s a question for us all.

Why can’t you and I just change ourselves 1% MORE ? (from where we are now) If we concentrated (focused) on changing ourselves in this tiny 1%, we surely would change our nation, our world, our Earth.

And to Nepalis: Would you not like to be 1% different than the herds of sheep-minded Nepalis we are now? I believe, It’s only that bit that will make us  nobler, sensible, honest and pro-active Nepalis ! What could be these 1% change ? Here are a few among millions of 1% changes for those who are looking for clues.

  1. how about switching from plastics to cloth bags ?
  2. calling and spending 5 minutes complaining to the road department to fix your roads
  3. cleaning a small part of temple every time you go there
  4. Be a mentor to a young person
  5. Pledge to follow traffic rules
  6. write an article in the newspaper on citizen duties
  7. Make a neighborhood group that responds on emergencies
  8. Invite your neighbors once a year for a small “bring your own food” gathering
  9. Do not honk the horns unless necessary
  10. Connect good people to other good people
  11. Write to your newspaper about good things happening in your neighborhood
  12. Ban “yestai ho” talk for at least a few hours every day
  13. Make one day a month, “Only Doing. – No talking, writing or studying” day
  14. Say ‘Thank you’ 10 times a day
  15. Be one of the first followers of a youth who wants to join politics to bring effective change in his/her society
  16. ……

 Be the “1 percent Nepali” from today !

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