Is your immediate goal to earn good risk-free and a stable income? Join a non-profit sector in Nepal.

If your immediate goal is to earn good money risk-free, and a stable income in Nepal within a space of a few quick years, and you happen to be a well educated Nepali, I recommend you join the non-profit sectors (basically I include non profit donor funded Non Governmental Organizations, multi lateral agencies and the aid industry in Nepal, in this category).

Here are some of my opinionated observations. Take with a BIG pinch of salt! 🙂


You will earn at least two times more money in the same period in an INGO as you would in most private business in similar positions in Kathmandu. (Safe bet: you will earn much more)
You will get to travel at least four times more. (on average)
You generally work much more hours per week in your business than the 5 day a week, 9 to 5 job in the international non-profits.
You will have more holidays and free time working for an INGO than in a private business.
You have more exposure to international circles and networks (which comes handy in any career moves or further education).
The pressures of working in an INGO may be much relaxing than in a private business. (Almost to the point of boring, some of my friends quip)
And your job security is much better than private firms.
On a regular basis for a few years, I have seen more NGO’s and INGO’s vacancy advertisements (and the largest sized ones too) in Nepal than any business has. I have hardly seen any of my friends in NGO sector find a problem finding another job in the NGO sector. Also my perception is that the NGO sector seem to have a smoother job transition than the private sectors.

On a side-note: for those entrepreneurs amongst you, how about catering your products and services to the deep pocket non profits -INGOs and multi lateral agencies. They are excellent customers with deeper pockets and more will to spend than many private firms, in Kathmandu!

What do you think ?

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  1. What size business are we talking over here? Also what positions in the INGOs? Do you know what it takes to get hired in these positions in these INGOs? Just curious

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